Road And Highway

A Smoother Ride

Stretching more than 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) across six continents, our road and highway projects circle the globe. Far from simply moving people from place to place, our smart corridors help move people into the future. From traditional to integrated delivery methods, our expertise includes complex interchanges, tolling and integrated corridor management.

Atlanta’s Northwest Corridor
As lead designer on Atlanta’s Northwest Corridor—the largest transportation project in Georgia’s history—we helped improve the region’s connectivity. It included 29.7 miles of reversible toll lanes, 39 bridges, 100 retaining walls, 120 overhead signs, automated control, and monitoring.

As transportation departments face increased congestion and aging infrastructure, our experts are prepared with innovative strategies. We’ll save time, maximize value, mitigate traffic impacts, and enhance safety as we work to improve community connections.

Our complete service offerings include the following:

  • Planning, design, development, and construction
  • Analyzing and resolving traffic impacts
  • Navigating the environmental process
  • Asset management
  • Construction engineering and constructability
  • Technical concepts and modeling
  • Intelligent transportation systems

As an integrated solutions provider, we can design, build, and develop roadways through multiple delivery methods. These include design-build, public-private partnerships (P3s), and design-build-finance-operate-maintain (DBFOM).

Emergency Transportation Operations

Getting You Home Safely

We know nothing is more important than arriving home safely. Our Emergency Transportation Operations (ETO) team is helping people across the United States do just that. Our ETO division is a leader in traffic incident management (TIM) services focused on safety for responders and the public.

Traffic accidents happen, and it’s important to have the right resources ready in advance. Our ETO team includes traffic incident management trainers with decades of real-world experience. Members have experience as fire/rescue personnel, law enforcement officers, towing and recovery professionals, and Department of Transportation (DOT) project managers. Incident management professionals deliver coordinated programs to better detect and remove incidents quickly, safely, and efficiently to keep traffic flowing. The sooner traffic moves, the better the chances of avoiding deadly secondary crashes.

ETO Stats

Our staff’s real-world, hands-on experience puts us in the unique position to offer a comprehensive array of ETO services.

Full-Service Safety/Freeway Service Patrols

A large-scale incident demonstration led by Parsons that is a prime example of the field training we’ve designed and led on behalf of first responders since 2006.

We provide comprehensive safety service patrol and operator training that is cost-effective, focused on customer response, and proven to reduce secondary incidents and improve responder safety.

  • Full-service patrol management and staffing
  • Service evaluations and training
  • Safe, quick clearance
  • Fleet management expertise

National Traffic Incident Management (SHRP2) Training

We’re recognized as industry experts, providing training to federal, state, and local first responders. Our goal is to promote safety, communication, and understanding across all disciplines.

  • Field-tested methodologies
  • Multi-discipline experience
  • Collaboration with first responders for continuous improvement

TIM Teams

ETO Training

We coordinate and support local responder gatherings that encourage training, networking, and observance of national best practices.

  • TIM statewide organization
  • Team facilitation and consulting
  • Consensus for legislative initiatives
  • Multi-agency agreements

Work Zone Incident Management/Advanced Warning Training


Our approach to incident management incorporates a collaborative approach to improved roadway safety in the work zone.

  • Performance measurement
  • Incident debriefing/crash simulations
  • Reversible express/managed toll lanes training

Innovative Towing And Recovery Programs

We’re an industry leader providing safe, quick clearance in congested roadway situations via our innovative towing and recovery programs.

  • Faster coordinated response
  • Full program development and deployment
  • Clearance incentives

Transportation Management Center Staffing

We’re known for our ability to efficiently staff up transportation incident management centers.

  • State-of-the-art training
  • Proven employee screening and hiring
  • Performance measurement

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