Streamlining Commutes In Northwest Atlanta

Atlanta’s Northwest Corridor, one of the region’s most congested travel corridors, needed a better solution to help commuters reach their destinations more efficiently. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) turned to us and our partner Neology to get the job done.

As the lead designer on the Northwest Corridor project, we helped design and build 30 miles of new reversible toll lanes, six new express lane interchanges, three new access points, and 39 new bridges. Additionally, our iNET™ advanced transportation management software, branded as GDOT’s NaviGAtor Intelligent Transportation System, was added to help monitor traffic, control message signs, operate access gates, and collect traffic volumes and enable dynamic toll pricing.

Neology joined the project to implement state-of-the-art reversible toll lanes featuring the dynamic pricing GDOT was seeking. With 21 toll points, 108 intelligent transportation locations, and 8.7 million trips per year, the work from both us and Neology has helped reduce traffic for daily commuters and city visitors alike. On the corridor’s inaugural weekday commute, the general-purpose lanes saved drivers approximately 60 minutes of commute time.

Working together, we were able to provide a holistic solution to GDOT for one of the largest infrastructure projects in Georgia history. From roadway design and build, to the intelligent transportation systems needed to efficiently operate and maintain the new highway, and the tolling expertise to implement and manage traffic, the partnership allowed us to build some of the most innovative express lanes in the United States.

Looking ahead, the partnership will allow us to better share these solutions with even more cities, providing innovative options for tolling or congestion pricing while improving the safety, security, and sustainability of critical infrastructure.

About the author

Joe A. is a Vice President of Business Development for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Tolling. He is a respected thought leader in the ITS and Tolling Industries, having previously served on the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Advisory Committee on ITS. He has expertise in Connected Vehicles, Automated Vehicles, GPS, Wireless Systems, and Tolling Systems. He has previously worked at Ford Motor Company, Motorola, and Sprint-Nextel.

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