Advanced Protection For Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure protection counters and mitigates a broad spectrum of challenges, including existing and emerging multi-domain threats to people, facilities, infrastructure, and vital information systems that, if incapacitated or destroyed, would have a debilitating impact on security and/or public safety. By providing solutions that detect, identify, track, and defeat these threats, we’re ensuring a healthier, more secure, and more resilient world, not just for our customers in the critical infrastructure protection market but for communities and people around the globe.

Our Services

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Design, install, and maintain intrusion detection systems, access control systems, high-definition video surveillance systems, and radio-frequency receiving/transmitting systems, as well as other classified sensors systems.

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Biometric identity authentication technology and services that meet military, law enforcement, and homeland security needs.

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Tailored C-UAS solutions to detect, track, identify, and defeat UAS threats.

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Biological threat detection and infectious disease research, development, and response.

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Wide-spectrum services for countering weapons of mass destruction.

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Telehealth enabling services and technology.

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Defensive Cyber Engineering: We’re designing, implementing, and sustaining capabilities to support defensive cyber operations, from collection and dataflow, to analysis and data visualization.

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Safeguard critical infrastructure networks by combining passive monitoring with active threat neutralization.

Public Safety Solutions

As an industry leader, we support our customers with critical infrastructure network solutions across a wide spectrum of requirements. Our extensive experience includes public safety land mobile radio (LMR), NG911, SCADA, AMI, and LTE networks utilizing fiber, microwave, or legacy links.

Land Mobile Radios (LMR)

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) For Public Safety 

Our team has been delivering critical infrastructure network solutions to our customers since 2005 across a wide spectrum of requirements and have extensive experience with public safety, land mobile radios (LMR), NG911, SCADA, AMI, and LTE networks utilizing fiber, microwave, or legacy links. Our solutions provide a mix of, or all hardware, software, and engineering services required to implement and migrate Radio Backhaul Networks.

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Vigilant Tracking
Cyber Defense for the Unknown
Automated Patch Management
Network Monitoring System (NMS)

Our Technologies

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Public Safety

We ensure the resilience and integrity of vital systems by adopting a foresight-driven strategy for safeguarding critical infrastructure.

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Cyberzcape™ is your most trusted ally in critical infrastructure protection (CIP).

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Cyberzcape™ NMS

Cyberzcape™ Network Monitoring System (NMS) helps radio operators identify and resolve backhaul issues.

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Ares Gateway

The Ares Gateway Transaction Manager serves as a centralized repository for biometric collections.

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ABIS in a Box is a portable, rugged, deployable Biometrics Gateway Server.

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The Javelin™ series is a line of Mobile Biometric Collection Kits.

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Our DetectWise® solution integrates local, state, and federal requirements into one easy-to-use technology platform.

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The Critical Infrastructure Protection Leader You Can Trust

Our experience leading cybersecurity efforts for the Department of Defense, combined with our extensive resume of infrastructure projects, positions us to deliver much-needed infrastructure protection. Digitizing infrastructure is useless if the foundation is vulnerable to cyberattacks. By converging IT and OT security disciplines, our cyber solutions keep operations moving across electrical, water, and transportation systems. Learn more about our full range of industry expertise below:

Protecting Our Nation’s Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Over the last two decades, the rapid advancement of technology has presented challenges for cybersecurity. As the world becomes more and more interconnected, the frequency of major cyber-attacks has increased, and the impacts of these attacks have grown. 

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Mastering Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Backhaul Networks: Essential Lessons From Decades Of Experience 

When boots are on the ground in a crisis, a split-second interruption in communication can be the difference between a first responder hearing “shoot” when the order was “Don’t shoot.” […]

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Strengthening Cyber Protections For Airports And Airlines

Our world is one of connections. Many of our connections, particularly in the world of pandemics, are virtual. FaceTime, Zoom, email, text – connections made possible by technology – are […]

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Parsons Unveils Industry’s First Holistic Cyber Solution for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Parsons announced the launch of a new holistic cyber solution Cyberzcape Tracker that proactively protects and neutralizes cyber threats within critical infrastructure networks.

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Critical Infrastructure’s Massive Cyber Risk

We are living in an age of accelerated digital transformation. This high-tech progression is wonderful for maintaining human connections and increasing efficiency and sustainability as people continue working, networking, and […]

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Parsons To Acquire IPKeys Power Partners

CENTREVILLE, Va. (March 14, 2023) – Parsons Corporation (NYSE: PSN) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire IPKeys Power Partners, Inc. Founded in 2014, IPKeys […]

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Parsons Survey Reveals Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Gaps

IT-Centric Model, IIoT Elevating Risk Potential PASADENA, CA (June 14, 2018) – Parsons today released the findings of a survey of industrial control system (ICS) and operational technology (OT) engineers […]

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Common Challenges With LMR Backhaul

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems are critical communications networks used by public safety agencies that provide a dedicated means of connecting first responders in real-time where every second counts during […]

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Parsons Acquires Sealing Technologies, Inc.

Parsons Corporation announced today that it has acquired Maryland-based cyber and technology company Sealing Technologies, Inc., (SealingTech) in a transaction valued at up to $200 million.

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Understanding Your LMR Backhaul

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems are a standard communication technology utilized by organizations that require instantaneous communication between personnel that are mobile and geographically dispersed. LMR Is typically used by public organizations such as emergency medical personnel, fire departments, and police, though private organizations also use LMR for activities such as construction and operations.

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For 80 years, we have been on the leading edge of solving our customers’ emerging and most pressing challenges across global infrastructure and national security. In critical infrastructure protection, we’ve combined our decades of experience in transforming global infrastructure with our expertise in supporting America’s national security apparatus as a leader in defensive cyber capabilities, offerings, and products.

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Ready to fortify your cyber defenses with a solution that’s as dynamic as the threats you face? We prepare you for the digital challenges of today while priming you to conquer those of tomorrow.

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