Bi-National AI-Based Smart Mobility System — Buffalo, NY And Niagara, Canada

  • Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority/Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition
Project Value

$5.6 Million




Digital Transformation

The transportation system in the Niagara region is among the most diverse and important in North America. As a key gateway for trade between the United States and one of its largest trading partners, Canada, it provides passage for billions of dollars in goods and services between the two countries annually. The regional roadway network provides a vital link to a variety of commuter traffic, tourism, and local discretionary trips across the Eastern U.S. and from Ontario to the Maritime Provinces.

In 2022, the Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC), a coalition of agencies working to improve mobility, reliability and safety in the regional bi-national multimodal transportation network, selected us to provide an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) based regional border transportation management system that will expedite the movement of goods and people around the Buffalo-Niagara bi-national region in Western New York State and Southern Ontario.

Innovate And Integrate With A Smart Mobility Solution

We worked closely with NITTEC to design, develop, and implement the first bi-national deployment of AllRoads, NITTEC’s multi-agency, technology-enabled, integrated regional mobility management system, built on our artificial intelligence (AI) based Smart Mobility Solution, iNET®. We ensured seamless integration with NITTEC’s existing advanced traffic management system (ATMS), transit operations, and traffic signal network.

Technology can maximize existing capacity and enhance roadway safety, but its functionality is limited if it’s deployed through solutions that operate in isolation from one another.

To address this, the integrated mobility management system furthers NITTEC’s goal of safe and efficient regional transportation by optimizing data transparency and collaboration across agencies in the Buffalo-Niagara region.

The system’s integrated regional technology architecture is designed to consider several factors such as frequent congestion, the unique geography of the region, aged infrastructure and systems, cross-border screening operations, a variable mix of commercial and automobile traffic, and frequent severe winter weather conditions that impact mobility and put motorists at risk.

The regional mobility management system utilizes:

A data hub to allow electronic exchange of information between the various stakeholder traffic management systems, field, central and third-party data sources and field traffic management devices

A decision support system to automate and streamline coordinated responses across stakeholders to anomalous regional events

A performance measures module to monitor the performance of the various systems and provide reports and dashboards for use by stakeholder decision-makers to determine the extent to which the various systems are meeting their objectives

Key Project Goals:

  • Balance multimodal demand across the Niagara Frontier border crossings
  • Improve freight operations by providing targeted information to drivers
  • Use of improved weather information in traffic management
  • Improve regional mobility by expanding integrated corridor management activities
  • Provide the benefits of multi-agency cooperation by creating real-time interagency information sharing and collaboration
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