Cyber And Intelligence

Rapid Cyber Development

We support offensive and defensive cyberspace operations with leading edge technical innovations, mission planning and automation solutions, cyber threat intelligence, and advanced cyber threat hunting and incident response. We have deployed quick reaction capability (QRC) efforts and tools, architected and integrated frameworks and capabilities, and performed vulnerability research to identify potential exploitable conditions and develop mitigations for a wide range of platforms. Our decades of experience, and comprehensive, converged offering of technologies and tools in cyber and intelligence expose and enable system and network vulnerabilities to anticipate and neutralize threats across the multi-domain battlespace.

Offensive Cyberspace Operations 

Our cyber warfare solutions are designed and developed to support the full spectrum of cyber operations, readiness, and capability development. Our active and passive reconnaissance capabilities facilitate data collection, network enumeration, and device characterization, and provide the opportunity to identify target systems before they become a viable threat.

Defensive Cyberspace Operations 

Our advanced defensive cyberspace capabilities identify cyber threats, reduce vulnerabilities, and enhance internal and external cyber defenses for Government and commercial clients. The cyber defense services we provide enable clients to increase the speed in which they identify, attribute, and respond to increasingly complex cyber threats. 

From large-scale cybersecurity programs to immediate deployment and rapid assistance, our proven security methods reflect our customer-first approach, innovative mindset, and effective execution.

Built In Speed And Agility

As we’ve evolved, we’ve developed a reputation for unmatched speed and scalability while supporting more than 50 deployed operational products worldwide. We welcome the challenge of large and complex assignments because we know we have the agility to provide fast, tailored solutions that are immediately mission ready.

Recognizing the dynamic nature of cyber operations, we’ve merged our offensive and defensive cyber engineers to create a holistic, full-spectrum operational approach to provide our customers significant growth opportunities, cost savings, and capability developments.

Domain Freedom

We operate in every facet of the multidomain battlespace and address emerging threats by fusing technologies across the now-connected warfighting domains (land, air, maritime, space, cyber) and incorporating information operations, intelligence, data analytics, EW, multi-echelon C2, and kinetic operations.

This holistic, scalable common operating picture puts actionable information quickly into the hands of the operator. And we do so while providing integrated security—physical, cyber, communications, and intelligence protection—at unprecedented levels.

Reverse Engineering And Vulnerability Research
Our reverse engineers and vulnerability researchers have state of the art experience in breaking out algorithms and finding and developing exploits against desktop, mobile, embedded systems and devices, and enterprise systems. Our team develops target-specific analysis and approaches to provide a thorough assessment of potential vulnerabilities, exploits, and mitigations. We specialize in extracting, implementing, and working around custom encryption, encoding, and protocol schemes.
Cyber Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA)
Combining our extensive expertise in signals exploitation, reverse engineering, and CNO development, our team creates end-to-end RF-enabled cyber solutions tailored to high value targets and operations. These complex capabilities are complete solutions for everything from individual cyber effects on RF-enabled devices, to effects on back-end networks using tailored cyber capabilities, specifically designed for high-latency communications over injected signals.
Access Automation
Our cyber enterprise developers combine enterprise and cyber expertise to automate access to targets—allowing operators to focus on their primary mission. Our engineers utilize User Centric Design to work closely with the system users and provide a system that allows users to be on-the-loop instead of in-the-loop. 
Computer Network Operations (CNO) Development
Our CNO developers have extensive capabilities developing, testing, and deploying CNO Toolsets for operational readiness. We work alongside operators to ensure features are tailored to their mission requirements and preferences. 
Big Data Platforms
Our experience developing applications for Big Data Platforms (BDPs) positions us as an emerging authority in the field of cloud-based capabilities. Our solutions have been deployed into multiple BDP and tactical edge environments, making us an ideal choice for customers looking for the versatility to operate in multiple mission domain scenarios.

Tailored End-to-End Solutions 

Our cyber development team provides end-to-end solutions: from access to command-and-control integration, we ensure that the solution provides value to your mission. Our team leverages isolated development and test environments to ensure limited access to solutions prior to deployment. Our experience comes from a diverse background of engineering expertise leading to solutions with polished user experiences and well-designed, secure baselines. 

Our engineers leverage leading-edge techniques to develop: 

  • Command and Control Systems 
  • Secure Communications Mechanisms 
  • CNO Tools 
  • Reverse Engineering Tools 
  • Digital Force Protection Devices 

Proactive Cyber And Intelligence Defense Services 

We deliver a proactive and persistent cyber defense approach that ensures you and your organization are protected against ever-present cyber threats. These services are tailored for your unique concerns and technical requirements to mitigate organizational risks to digital infrastructure and networks. Real-world scenario-based engagements and hands-on support ensure you are confident in your cybersecurity posture. Our team will work to support both your company’s IT security requirements and business objectives. The primary services in this solution include Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, Cyber Threat Hunting, Incident Response, and Penetration Testing. 

Government customers can purchase our Cyber Defense Services via the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) or acquire directly from us; commercial customers can issue purchase orders or other preferred methods of payment. 

Incident Response

  • On-Demand IT Support​ 
  • Determine Extent of Incident​​ 
  • Removal of Adversary from Systems 
  • ​Restore Networks to Secure State​​ 
  • After-Action Reports​ 
  • Recommend Appropriate Training and Security Procedures

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment 

  • Overall Threat Level Assessment​ 
  • Network Mapping​ 
  • Phishing Assessment​ 
  • Vulnerability Scanning​ 
  • Wireless Assessment​ 
  • Database Assessment 

Cyber Threat Hunting

  • Identification of Key Threats​ 
  • Isolation of Advanced Attacks​ 
  • Iterative Approach to Improving Security Practices​ 
  • Highlight Emerging Threats​ 
  • Risk Mitigation Techniques for Advanced Attacks  

Penetration Testing

  • Persistent Testing and Evaluation of Security Posture​s 
  • Emulate Real-World Attacks​ 
  • Attempt to Circumvent Security​ 
  • Stress Test Applications, Systems, and Networks​ 
  • Advanced Testing Technique 

Innovative Research & Development 

We invest in research & development (R&D) to enable our engineers to explore new challenges, ideas, and opportunities. Our cyber innovation lab is designed to rapidly take an idea to proof-of-concept and accelerate to long-term research and development effort. We leverage and investigate emerging technologies to create a variety of capabilities including: 

Offensive Tools & Capabilities

  • Platform Access Mechanisms 
  • Stealth and Persistence Techniques 
  • Survey Tools 

Defensive Tools And Capabilities

  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment 
  • Cyber Threat Hunting & Incident Response 
  • Attribution Management 

Virtual Operations In Cyberspace

We have officially entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution in which data is everywhere and where individuals, organizations, and populations live and operate in a fully digital-centric world. The entire lifecycle of an operation — from idea inception to completion — can occur completely in a virtual environment with no physical elements involved in the process and only disparate data available to understand, safeguard, or exploit. This creates a challenge for the National Security Community as it grapples with transitioning cyberspace activities beyond traditional perspectives to fully-integrated intelligence and military operations in and through cyberspace.

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Disclaimer: Parsons is a global company operating through various named legal entity subsidiaries. The company’s successful acquisitions have led us to become a leading disruptive technology company in the critical infrastructure, defense, and intelligence market.

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