Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

Successful execution of asset lifecycle management requires a deep understanding of operations, maintenance, improvements, and upgrades. Our first-rate project managers and technical specialists provide the extensive, accurate, nuanced asset lifecycle management (ALM) requirement information our customers need, offering an intentional combination of agility, innovation, technology. In addition, our team provides integrated solutions designed for optimal performance. From capital planning support and world-class program execution to construction and handover, we partner with our customers to deliver their projects and manage their assets successfully.

Diverse Expertise For Complex Challenges

Our holistic approach to successfully delivering projects and managing assets ensures every phase is optimized and our clients are empowered to make the best ALM decisions. From planning and design to construction and handover, we understand that each project needs a tailored and scalable solution. That’s why we’ve combined our 80 years of experience in critical infrastructure with our industry-leading software solutions, delivering the best tools and advisory services, including:

The Right Tools For Any Job

As we move toward a more digital world, software agnostic and scalable offerings are vital. They ensure clients implement the best practices and tools for their projects. By remaining software and vendor agnostic, we fill our toolbox with advanced, adaptable, trusted, industry-standard applications that help us deliver the results our clients need.

We’ve successfully implemented our ALM offerings for bridges, airports, roads, transit, water and wastewater facilities, and more.

The Asset Lifecycle

PMIS and AM work interactively throughout an asset’s operational life to manage and improve CAPEX and OPEX spending.

reduce total cost of ownership

Program Management Information Systems (PMIS)

As experts in program, project, design, and construction management, we break down data silos, synchronizing the people, financials, and processes needed to improve delivery and better manage your capital projects.

Using our extensive project experience, we guide our customers through their PMIS maturity journey to help better digitize and manage capital improvement programs.

Where Are You In The PMIS Journey?

The PMIS Journey

How We Can Help

Our Services

Dashboard Capabilities

We create powerful dashboards through our custom-built data warehouse and business intelligence capabilities.

Our dashboard capabilities

Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Our ALM offerings help reduce total cost of ownership by empowering customers to make informed decisions on hard questions. We’re experts in effectively administering assets over their entire lifecycles. We achieve this by improving processes and technology to optimize operations and maintenance, refine investment planning, and advance business objectives.

Learn more about our asset management and digital twin platform, Paradim®.

How We Can Help

Asset Management Services - Asset Lifecycle Management

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

We’re a recognized leader in facility asset inventory and condition assessments. We have helped hundreds of facility owners with their deferred maintenance and capital planning needs through our proficiency in capital improvement planning, facility master planning, and associated software development.

In the late 1990s, we pioneered the first version of eCOMET®, our Energy and Condition Management Estimating Technology. Since then, we’ve assisted hundreds of clients in assessing all types of facilities and associated site utilities. In addition, we’ve developed strategic facility management programs using a wide range of client-directed software products, including TRIRIGA®, ARCHIBUS®, and SMS BUILDER™, as well as our own eCOMET®.

We understand the critical needs that our clients face when deciding to renovate or replace aging facilities because of our experience with various facility types worldwide. Our objective- and data-driven assessment process, combined with our economic analyses and financial forecasts, and thorough inspections and documentation, produce winning strategies for our clients.

We’ve successfully performed FCAs for over 25 years on more than 4 billion square feet of facilities for many of the nation’s largest facility owners.

FCA Markets

FCA Markets Asset Lifecycle Management

The Right Tools For Any Job

We believe our clients’ unique facility needs should be met with tailored and scalable offerings—not limited by existing systems or providers. That’s why our FCA offerings are vendor and software agnostic. Our FCA experts have experience with a variety of industry tools and services, delivering solutions that support our clients’ business objectives.

Parsons eCOMET®

Parsons’ flagship facility condition assessment solution efficiently identifies, inspects, assesses, and authoritatively plans a client’s asset management needs. It automates the collection and analysis of condition assessments, energy usage, equipment inventory, and other facility data to deliver the following:

  • Customizable dashboards
  • Linked project documents
  • Cost models
  • Interactive condition mapping
  • Deficiency alerts
  • Inventory records
  • Preformatted and customizable reports
  • Capital planning and tracking
  • What-if simulation
  • Client administration authorization
Parsons ECOMET - Asset Lifecycle Management

Partner Platforms


A suite of workplace enterprise-class applications that can track real estate, projects, facilities, operations and maintenance, and environmental factors.


ARCHIBUS® is a top-rated integrated workplace management system enterprise solution that is fully configurable and customizable. It supports additional present and future requirements without costly vendor reprogramming.


MAXIMO® is an EAM tool that supports procurement, assets, work, service, contracts, and materials. It enables users to create their own reusable reports.

We have planned and managed the implementation of tens of billions of capital improvement dollars.

FCA Map - Asset Lifecycle Management

FCA In Action

How does the University of California (UC) manage their assets across 10 campuses and five medical centers consisting of nearly 6,000 buildings spread over 140 million square feet of facilities? The answer is by implementing ICAMP, their Integrated Capital Asset Management Program, with the help of our systematic approach, our eCOMET system, and IBM’s TRIRIGA platform.

Case Study: University of California

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For 80 years, we have contributed our knowledge and skills to asset lifecycle management projects around the world, helping lead the evolution of these industries. Contact us today to learn more.

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