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Traditional solutions only take you so far—X takes you farther. A data-driven focus has fueled our innovation for decades. Now we’re reinforcing that focus – unifying our services and streamlining our delivery model to accelerate the world’s digital transformation. Parsons X enhances our established digital leadership by uniting innovation from across the company. We’ve always provided our customers with fast, secure, and practical solutions. With Parsons X, our ability to answer the toughest challenges across critical infrastructure and national security has grown exponentially.

Our Digital Toolkit

Technology Is In Our DNA

Built infrastructure—whether a military base or a bridge—is our user interface to the planet. Our mission is to upgrade that interface by sustainably securing and improving the infrastructure critical to our future. We’re achieving this objective through state-of-the-art cyber solutions, data federation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), digital twin technology, and so much more. Learn more below:

Digital Twin

Digital Twin

We’re digitizing infrastructure around the world and have implemented our solutions for more than 70 local governments. Whether through our industry-leading software-agnostic asset and data management solution, Paradim®, or the platform of one of our digital twin partners, we’re enabling our customers to analyze and manage massive amounts of information. This empowers the more efficient designing, building, and maintenance of bridges, airports, transit systems, highways, and water and wastewater facilities across the globe.

Augmented And Virtual Reality
Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Want To Change Your World? Here Are Just A Few Of Our Capabilities:

AI Guided Spectrum Operations

From autonomous vehicles to autonomous markets, it’s becoming increasingly clear that solutions consisting of autonomous artificially intelligent (AI) agents are changing the way we get things done. Due to continuing […]

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America’s Next Top Bridge Model

Our Complex BIM Modeling Of The BQE In NYC As part of a joint venture, our team has been providing preliminary and final design and construction support services for the […]

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Complex Design Capabilities Via iTwin Technology

As the design lead for the 183N Mobility project in Texas, we are implementing iTwin technology to meet the owner’s extensive 3D deliverable requirements which includes the development of roadway […]

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3DOB: Internal R&D To Geospatial Product

We are the developer of PeARL® Flash, a multi-user, enterprise-level image processing capability for 3D model generation from imagery data. Post-mission, PeARL® Flash processes airborne frame imagery, Wide Area Motion Imagery […]

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Strengthening Cyber Protections For Airports And Airlines

Our world is one of connections. Many of our connections, particularly in the world of pandemics, are virtual. FaceTime, Zoom, email, text – connections made possible by technology – are […]

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