Intelligent Transportation Solutions 

Imagining The Future Of Transportation

We’ve not only imagined the future of transportation—we’ve realized it. As industry leaders, we provide advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) and other intelligent transportation solutions (ITS). With over 100 cutting-edge global deployments, our systems have connected more than 63,000 devices. This includes more than 12,000 traffic signals that monitor, manage, and control the efficiency and safety of the world’s roads.

The Cost Of Congestion

Source: ¹Inrix/²Department of Energy/¹FHWA

Traffic congestion can have a major effect on a city’s mobility, impacting health, economic growth, and community safety. As pioneers and innovators in intelligent transportation, our critical infrastructure expertise combined with modern technologies help deliver a better world.

Our Transportation Toolkit

NTCIP, or National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol, is a standard protocol that allows traffic management systems to talk to intelligent transportations systems (ITS) field devices such as: dynamic message signs, CCTV cameras, vehicle detection sensors, traffic signals, road weather information stations (RWIS), and many more.
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Our Intelligent Networks (iNET®) smart mobility platform improves the management, efficiency, and safety of transportation networks. It provides wide-ranging upgrades for freeways, highways, toll roads, transit routes, and tunnels. iNET delivers smarter mobility and smarter cities by using real-time traffic monitoring, predictive analytics, and active traffic management. In addition, it offers integrated corridor management, dynamic device control, intelligent decision support, artificial intelligence, and more. 
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Intelligent Intersections
Our Intelligent Intersections solution automates signal retiming by applying our advanced algorithms to existing timing plans and GPS traffic data. What used to be a labor-intensive process is now a seamless exercise that can be completed in minutes. This kind of efficiency allows cities to retime signals with greater frequency as traffic conditions evolve.
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We leverage our unique blend of expertise to enhance our customers’ toll system and user experience. Our capabilities include tolling systems integration, maintenance and operations, toll facility design, program management, and intelligent transportation systems.
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Fleet Management
Monitor your fleet in real time with mobile data collection and tracking solutions. Gather raw data on location, equipment performance, weather conditions, and more. Then convert it into easy-to-understand, actionable information that makes managing and maintaining your equipment simpler.
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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Placement
The number of electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide has tripled within the last few years. Despite the improvements in EV technology, battery range anxiety—worry of power depletion before destination—remains an EV adoption problem.

To address this challenge, we’ve developed an innovative method to systematically determine the optimal placement of public EV charging stations. Our method ensures the stations are efficient, ubiquitous, and accessible to everyone while maximizing return on investment.

Read our whitepaper for an in-depth look at our proven methodology.  

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