Remediation And Treatment Solutions For A Cleaner Planet

We stand ready to meet environmental stewardship challenges for air, land, and water. Our experts use the latest technologies to deliver a cleaner, safer planet for our customers and future generations. From hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste (HTRW) remediation to hydrogeology and subsurface monitoring, we have the multidisciplinary toolbox and expertise, seeking the most economical ways for our clients to reduce long-term liability, safeguard human health, and protect the environment.

Environmental programs are carried from initial assessment and design through closure and long-term operations and maintenance. This helps our customers comply with regulations and manage risks throughout. Our expertise includes detailed design services, procurement, project and construction management (PM/CM), and post-remediation monitoring. These are combined with a collaborative experience that increases innovation, manages risk, and improves cost efficiencies.

Our experts help clients deliver sustainable remediation solutions to tough challenges in numerous markets, including the following:

Environmental Groundwork


We provide a full range of environmental management services and solutions across the globe. Our forward-thinking experts put an emphasis on sustainable and cost-effective solutions. This maximizes our clients’ project delivery and operations while minimizing the impact on the environment and natural resources.

Mining Environmental Management
We deliver complex projects safely, on time, and within budget no matter how remote, austere, or challenging the environment. Our experience includes hundreds of environmental investigations and monitoring of mine sites all over the world.
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Zero Emission Mining
Zero-emission mining (ZEM) represents a new frontier in mine operations and sustainability. Parsons pairs experience with your unique needs to create a customized approach and a roadmap to reduce emission footprints.
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Oil And Gas Decommissioning
Our teams excel at the assessment, remediation, restoration, and management of both upstream and downstream oil and gas sites. Our experience is represented by the thousands of projects in our portfolio.
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Munitions And Chemical Warfare Materiel Remediation
Our team leverages 80 years of experience across environmental, industrial, and technology markets. We deploy an array of advanced solutions to remediate military munitions and hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste (HTRW). This also includes chemical warfare materiel (CWM).
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We have decades of experience successfully performing munitions response projects. Our personnel have extensive experience collecting and interpreting data from all major digital geophysical mapping (DGM) and advanced geophysical classification (AGC) sensors.
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Environmental Water Solutions

Water Solutions

Our experience providing water solutions and services is unrivaled. Our PM/CM, engineering, design-build, hydrogeology, modeling, and 3D/4D visualization expertise enable us to deliver holistic and cost-effective results. Combined with our state-of-the-art treatability and R&D laboratory, we’ve pioneered innovative solutions to the world’s most complex water projects.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a multifaceted issue requiring a multidisciplinary approach. Our team includes a network of experts in hydrogeology, human health, ecological risk assessment, water and wastewater, remediation, and modeling, offering our clients the right mix of practical innovation, insight, advocacy, and technology to manage, remediate, or treat PFAS sites.
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Sediment Remediation
Sediment remediation projects pose complex regulatory, financial, legal, logistical, and technical challenges. Our interdisciplinary team is ready to support from initial investigation to final remediation and site closure. By beginning every project with the end in mind, we successfully achieve client and regulatory goals efficiently and effectively.
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Water Treatment And Re-Use
We are a full-service partner in implementing conventional and advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies. Our innovative, custom solutions help solve water management challenges. The mission is to preserve water—our most critical resource—with safe, efficient, and sustainable facilities and processes.
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Groundwater Remediation
Our water experts deliver advanced groundwater analytics using the most advanced data-collection tools and high-resolution characterization programs, transforming site data into quantified solutions to address groundwater challenges from simple to complex.
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Water And Wastewater
Our expertise in PM/CM and engineering have allowed us to transform the industry. We’re a full-service partner in implementing conventional and advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies. This lets us tackle water management challenges with innovative, custom solutions to sustainably meet the needs of a growing population.
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