Tapping Technology For More Efficient Critical Infrastructure Scheduling

ALICE & Parsons

As the City of Edmonton, Alberta, works to expand the city’s light rail network, we are proud to be a part of the team selected to design and build the Valley Line West. This $2.6 billion, 8.7-mile extension will connect downtown Edmonton to the Lewis Farms neighborhood, located in the city’s west end. With 14 new stops, two elevated stations, more than one mile of elevated tracks, and two maintenance and storage facilities, it’s a big undertaking that is slated to take five years to complete.

Determining the construction schedule for such a complex project is a major challenge. Scheduling mishaps can lead to project delays and cost overruns – not ideal for Parsons or the City of Edmonton and its citizens.

Working with ALICE Technologies, the first AI-powered construction simulation platform, our team was able to develop a competitive construction schedule during the bidding process. ALICE allowed us to explore scheduling options while accounting for different factors that might influence timing, such as winter weather.

By running different simulations in ALICE, our team was also able to build schedules to better optimize crews and equipment, mapping out a schedule that is both time and cost-efficient.

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