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Parsons’ Suppliers

We collaborate with our subcontractors and suppliers to deliver innovative solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Using efficient and cost-effective practices, we procure a wide variety of goods and services in support of our customers’ programs and internal requirements. Read more below to learn about the guidelines and requirements to become a Parsons supplier. 

Our Procurement System: SAP Ariba

Parsons utilizes a digitally enhanced procurement system, SAP Ariba, to engage and interact with suppliers. The SAP Ariba tool provides an efficient methodology for onboarding and managing suppliers as well as facilitating successful procurement processes. SAP’s procurement and sourcing solution allows buyers and suppliers to do business on a single platform. It automates our end-to-end procure-to-pay processes and streamlines how we buy goods and services globally. All suppliers will work through the SAP Ariba tool for procurement transactions.

SAP Ariba Overview

Check out a brief introduction on our digital transformation process and SAP Ariba. Watch the video.

Our Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of every successful project. We’re committed to cultivating a responsible enterprise and conducting business ethically, safely, sustainably, and fairly, and we expect our subcontractors and suppliers to do the same. All our suppliers are expected to comply with the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Business Partners and are vetted in accordance with our compliance policies and applicable regulatory requirements.

Material Sourcing

Responsible sourcing across our integrated supply chain organization is vital to our business. We evaluate our suppliers on their adoption and adherence to sustainability, trade compliance, and providing quality products to reduce our supply chain risks. 

Supplier Engagement

We’ve established this portal to provide guidance and assistance to suppliers. Parsons is committed to completing due diligence on all its suppliers before onboarding. Below are some of the common topics and/or registrations/certifications we consider: 

Supplier Reference/Resources


We purchase many products and services in support of our clients, and we work with our suppliers to safeguard sensitive information in our custody. Protecting sensitive information and the supply chain from cyberthreats is a shared responsibility. Check out the cybersecurity requirements that apply to all those in our supply chain and how to manage the risk we share. 

Supplier Diversity

Our Supplier Diversity Program ensures we have access to the most qualified and agile partners. If you’re a diverse supplier, learn about targeted business categories and how to navigate our Supplier Diversity Program

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