Advanced Security Solutions to Protect Our Nation

Parsons’ U.S. government customers have trusted us for more than 30 years to provide scientific, technical, and cyber intelligence solutions. We work quietly, behind the scenes, specializing in both defensive and offensive network intelligence solutions, closed network security engineering, weapon system intelligence, and facilities design and optimization. We deliver the people, processes, and technologies to address threats to our nation’s security and to create a safer world.

Our engineers and subject-matter experts have proven experience and a history of successfully delivering cyber solutions. With expertise ranging from collection and processing to specialized tools for network and information security, to cyber data center facility design and optimization, we apply novel approaches in integrated systems contexts to solve our nation’s most complex security issues.

Intelligence Products and Services to Meet Any Demand

We deliver intelligence solutions to our clients through a variety of products and services to meet their ever-expanding needs in today’s interconnected world:

Cyber network operations. From reverse engineering to code-based technology and tools for large-volume data analysis, we provide cyber network operations products and services to answer any challenge.

Information assurance. Our clients needs include everything from information system security engineering to life-cycle support for communications security (COMSEC) and encryption technologies, and we stand ready to deliver.

Cyber research and development. At the heart of innovation, research and development is tremendously important to keep up with evolving technology. We support our clients through various services, including basic and applied research, prototype development, and Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

Scientific and technical intelligence. Our scientific and technical intelligence services are second to none. We offer complex system reverse engineering, weapon system technical expertise, modeling and simulation, and threat assessments.

Mission-critical facilities management, optimization, and reliability. We consider our clients’ missions our own, so we pride ourselves in providing services to support mission-critical facilities, including master and area development planning, real property life-cycle analysis, and facilities IT development and implementation.

We’ve spent three decades honing our skills, building our team, and refining our intelligence offerings to provide our clients with products and services they can trust. With rapidly evolving threats, we dedicate ourselves to staying a step ahead and inspiring the confidence that keeps our clients coming back.

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