Spectrum Dominance

Advancing Electromagnetic Superiority

We provide all-domain spectrum dominance by developing preeminently automated and cognitive tools and techniques that lead to vital mission decisions for the warfighter. Our support of the US Defense and Intelligence Customer against peer-state platforms and emerging threats across the cyber and electromagnetic spectrum operating environment enable total freedom of operation, enduring resilience, and information advantage for US forces and Allied Partners.

Electronic Warfare

Dish Farm Antenna

We deliver technology-driven services and solutions for the DoD’s most difficult electronic warfare (EW) and radio frequency (RF) challenges. Our RF spectrum exploitation team creates digital signal processing algorithms leveraging GOTS developed frameworks that run on a range of cost-effective and capable COTS/GOTS hardware platforms. We advance the state of the art in modern software defined Electronic Attack (EA) architectures by reverse engineering threat systems to enhance our ability to develop successful EA techniques while minimizing attribution. Our proven smart jamming techniques are operationally deployed to warfighters in multiple COCOMs and provide Force Protection every day.

Cutting Edge ISR

We develop and migrate the most advanced processing algorithms into small and affordable COTS/GOTS products to solve tomorrow’s asymmetric spectrum warfare challenges. Our experience with government intelligence architectures shortens development timelines, reduces costs, and increases product reliability.



Galileo is a software solution that performs unsupervised Machine Learning to target adversary frequency-hopping tactical radios, isolate frequencies and hop patterns, and perform automatic predictive EW responses. Galileo uses our advanced algorithms to blindly detect, characterize, and infer EW targeting parameters with no static target library. Galileo labels known threats in near real-time, continuously providing updated training sets to its detectors. Galileo not only detects fast frequency hopping signals with no prior information, but also identifies small observed variances in known threat emitters. It detects individual threat hops, clusters multiple emitters simultaneously, and in most cases automatically demodulates and frame-synchronizes anomalous emitters.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Our algorithms enable real-time intelligence and active capabilities with limited or no a prior information. We use Machine Learning to reduce the need for Target Libraries. Our team identifies patterns of life in the RF and mission environments and executes real-time anomaly detection. We use all available information to reduce warfighter workload while simultaneously increasing electronic surveillance detection accuracy and mission readiness. We also enable big data analytics and advanced AI/ML for mission decision support through our Semantics Technologies capabilities. 

National Capabilities

Our national capabilities team enables sensor-to-shooter integration, strategic systems integration and operations support, and technical collection for critical missions and emerging cross-domain capabilities. 

Strategic Mission Processing

We enable strategic missions that integrate disparate processing and finishing technologies through modern containerized software technologies, SECDEVOPS, cloud-based integration, and very large-scale data integrations.

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