Situational Awareness, Human Detection Through Spectral Imaging

Robust detection and classification of humans in cluttered environments is a challenge for video management systems. Our spectral imaging technology enables automated detection of humans and surface swimmers, reducing the time operators and analysts need to spend looking at video screens while increasing the overall detection rate. Intellisight™ can be used for border security, tactical surveillance, search-and-rescue, convoy and force protection, and more.

Enhanced Situational Awareness With Spectral Imaging

We have over 10 years’ experience developing and delivering tactical spectral imaging camera systems that provide autonomous high-confidence, real-time detection and classification of partially or mostly occluded humans without nuisance alarms caused by wind or animals. Our spectral imaging solution can be integrated into platforms/form factors to meet operators’ mission critical requirements.

Intellisight™ Capabilities

  • Convoy Protection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Tactical Surveillance
  • Analytics-at-the-Edge
  • Border Security
  • Human Detection In Cluttered Environments
  • Force Protection
  • Urban Ops

Automatically Detect And Classify Exposed Human Skin

human detection

Convoy Protection: Detect Humans In Foliage From Moving Ground Vehicle

What Are The Benefits Of Our Human Detection System?

Analytics at the Edge: Pixel-Level Detection and Classification

Spectral Imaging For A Tactical Advantage
• Real-time automated alerts to items of interest
• Non-traditional detection for increased effectiveness
• Harder to defeat
• Every pixel of every frame of video stream processed in real time
Small Form Factor To Meet Operational Requirements
• Benefit of hyper-spectral imaging in tactical package
• Small size, weight, and power consumption to facilitate deployment
Fully Customizable For Effective Integration
• We specialize in concept development, capability demonstrations, rapid prototyping, and LRIP
• Available as a service for large scale applications
Band Width Efficient
• Edge processing allows for transmission of actionable data only to support low data rate

What Is Intellisight Used For?

Intellisight™ uses robust methods to detect humans in cluttered environment. The product provides enhanced situational awareness for:

spectral imaging Summary
convoy protection
search and rescue
tactical surveillance
force protection 
urban ops

Patented State-Of-The-Art Spectral Imaging With Embedded Processing

  • Every pixel of every frame of video stream processed in real time
    • Detect humans in a cluttered environment
      • Convoy Protection
      • Search and Rescue
      • Tactical Surveillance
    • Real-time processing for enhanced situational awareness
    • Enables detection of a variety of materials (Proof-of-Concept, Rapid Prototyping, Field Testing and Demonstration, LRIP)

Automated Alert

With Intellisight™, there is no need to continuously monitor a television waiting for activity of interest.

  • Detect humans in a cluttered environment
    • Fewer eyes on monitors
    • Prototyping to fit your specific needs
      • Goggles
      • Mounted Camera
      • Video Surveillance

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