Enabling Global Satellite Connectivity

The rapidly expanding population of spacecraft has exceeded the capacity of government satellite control networks, putting the control and data collection of on-orbit assets at risk. We enable increased capacity for satellite operations by offering customers a commercial antenna service that operates in a cybersecure cloud environment, partnering with globally distributed commercial antennas to communicate with spacecraft. The ability to access any antenna through a commercial service allows customers to pay by the minute versus the burden of financing and maintaining their own antennas.

Legacy U.S. Government stove-piped systems required programs to build entire infrastructures for each mission, but customers can now utilize the growing number of commercial antenna operators. Through OrbitXchange™, we are able to leverage available excess time on existing antennas to provide a solution that is automated, cybersecure, and tested with on-orbit assets in an operational environment.

OrbitXchange™ Employs Existing Parsons Capabilities, Including

  • Our product line offers end to-end satellite operations with data-as-a service delivery programs
  • Advanced cyber security applications to combat growth cyber threats
  • Imagery analysis products for value-added services
  • Factory Compatibility Tester (FCT), which cost-effectively validates new spacecraft compatibility with OrbitXchange™ and Satellite Control Network (SCN) communication links prior to launch


  • Meets existing SCN scheduling formats and avoids adding mission planning costs to existing systems
  • Secure enclave between commercial providers and Government infrastructure with validated NIST cyber security and encryption per NSA policies
  • Hundreds of antennas available without significant capital investment
  • Works with any space-to-ground link communication type, including phased array and laser
  • Automated operations with machine-to-machine interfaces
  • Multi-objective scheduling algorithm can optimize schedules for quality of service, cost, or any user-defined criteria simultaneously
  • Supports delivery of satellite data as a service

Technical Features

Offers machine-to-machine automated scheduling execution and automated operations.
Offers automated operations and real-time schedule optimization to avoid outages while simultaneously targeting quality of service, cost, or any user-defined criteria simultaneously.
Constantly evolving and upgrading cybersecurity stack to stay in front of the emerging cyber threats.
OrbitXchange™ is supported by our products, including, Ace CtrlPoint™ and automated scheduling from Optimyz™.
Scalable cloud-based system, flexibly spin up additional resources to match fluctuating demands.

Through trusted commercial partnerships and proven product expertise, OrbitXchange™ provides affordable and resilient satellite communication solutions to meet the growing capability gap in the SCN. OrbitXchange™ is capable of accessing any commercial antenna in a globally competitive marketplace, taking advantage of unused antenna time, dedicated leases, quantity discounts or hosted antenna services while significantly lowering capital and infrastructure investments. Current OrbitXchange™ antenna locations cover the globe with a virtually unlimited number of antennas available for future expansion.

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

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