Ace CtrlPoint™

Automated Command And Control For Smarter Space Operations

Amplify your satellite mission command and control with Ace CtrlPoint™, an integrated, turnkey telemetry, tracking, and command (TT&C) software solution complemented by the automation of common tasks to reduce workloads, minimize errors, and streamline mission operations. This ground station command and control application is customizable to mission requirements, user-friendly, accurate, secure, and modern, based on 20 years of operational success. Now operators can focus solely on the mission at hand while you can rest assured you’ve invested in an affordable software that’s close to commodity and Risk Management Framework (RMF) compliant.

What is Ace CtrlPoint™And How Does It Work?

Ace CtrlPoint™ is an automated space vehicle and ground station command and control (C2) application with a plug-in architecture that provides nearly lights-out telemetry, tracking, and commanding (TT&C) operations. The solution offers overall situational awareness of satellite operations center (SOC) hardware and software, including ground station status and satellite vehicle data, giving operators an easy-to-use, automated, and customizable product that ensures their focus is on what’s important: the mission.

Product Compliance

Ace CtrlPoint™ is compliant with Space and Missile Systems Center Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) UI/UX standards, fitting into many different ground system environments that control and status old and new hardware. In the past, C2 systems were stove piped and designed to function in a singular environment. Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) capabilities plug into standardized environments, allowing the product to be ready immediately within a range of mission architectures.

What Are The Features Of Our Automated Space Vehicle And Ground Station Command And Control (C2) Application?

ground station command and control,  telemetry, tracking, and command (TT&C) software, Ace Control Point™

▪ Integration with antenna scheduling
▪ Ground station control and status
▪ Data forwarding for analysis
▪ Command plan execution
▪ Anomaly detection
▪ Turnkey TT&C system


▪ Reduces integration time and cost
▪ Lowers manpower for operations
▪ Improves operational efficiency and performance
▪ Reduces potential for operational errors
▪ Avoids interruption of the mission
▪ Rapid delivery without expensive integration costs


Out-Of-The-Box Solution
Ace CtrlPoint™ offers ground network plug-ins and status for satellite control network (SCN) antennas and EGS systems with minimal integration.
Plug-in architecture allows mission-unique (MU) plug-ins to be added as needed. For example, the product can be tailored to fit time-division multiplexing (TDM) and Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) mission standards.
Robust Automation Capabilities
Electronic command plans enable lights-out operations, which cuts down on mission costs and increases efficiencies.
The user interface is well integrated and can be customized to display anything an operator needs. Consistent displays across all missions and satellite operations centers ensure that once an operator has been trained, they can use Ace CtrlPoint™ in any situation.
The product is compatible with multiple major front-end processor (FEP) vendors and is easy to interface with.
Alerts, Warnings, Errors, And Out-Of-Limits
Color-coded limit checking is provided on satellite vehicle telemetry, giving user alarms/warnings/errors associated with the status.
Situational Awareness
Problems can be diagnosed by looking through each layer of a telemetry screen to figure out what’s wrong. This software is designed to provide the proper level of situational awareness to the user without being overwhelmed with metadata. Ace CtrlPoint™ can investigate specific data/telemetry points, or it can provide a comprehensive display of rollups (red/yellow/green status) for subsystems and the overall vehicle.

Command And Control Products

We have decades of experience distilled into products built by operators for operators to ensure domain superiority for any mission, anywhere. Visit our products page to view more of our command and control products.

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before export.

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