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For decades, Parsons’ innovative solutions have accelerated the warfighter’s decision chain and unlocked the all-domain battlespace. We’re involved in every aspect of the battlespace, including sensor integration; data collection and manipulation; full-spectrum cyber; software development and data exploitation; C5ISR; mission planning; missile defense; space operations, domain awareness, and satellite resiliency; and electronic and information warfare.

Developing Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

Our experience, capabilities, and best-of-breed solutioning approach, combined with our collaborative partnership mentality, culminates in a disruptive, open makerspace—PALADIN Lab.  

Designed to foster new technologies and capabilities for the warfighter, PALADIN Lab, owned and operated by Parsons Corporation, is located on Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. From here, this innovation incubator connects industry, academia, and the Department of Defense, enabling us—and our customers—to leverage imaginative people and open, available technology to answer the DoD’s biggest challenges. 

Mission-Critical Collaboration For Mission-Focused Integration 

PALADIN Lab Conference Room

PALADIN Lab provides a low-risk venue where the government and industry can collaborate to prototype proofs of concepts, emerging hardware, algorithms, and software technologies with existing government architectures. Through this process, the government can rapidly determine which commercial capabilities are worth pursuing and which don’t translate well to DoD requirements.  


PALADIN Lab redefines what it means to rapidly assess, integrate, and deploy emerging capabilities that meet operational mission requirements.

Facility Overview

  • 9,716 square-foot state-of-the-art, purpose-built C5ISR systems and software integration facility.
  • Open and easy-access integration space to enable the identification, procurement, integration, testing, and eventual migration of operationally ready technologies.
  • Scalable, virtual, and bare-metal server, compute, GPU, and storage (224 logical processors, 2.75 TB RAM, 130 TB storage), enabling customers without hardware to begin projects immediately.
  • Hybrid cloud capability, enabling connectivity to external cloud resources and local compute and storage with 24/7 VPN and help-desk support.
  • Customizable network and compute allow a collaborative approach to the integration, evaluation, and sandbox activities of emerging technologies. 
  • Easy-access integration environment with breakout/huddle rooms, dedicated demo room, secure meeting space, and RF lab.
  • Massive operational data sets that can be used to evaluate commercial capabilities against realistic data to determine viability for meeting government requirements and integration needs.
  • Key partnerships with industry leaders, allowing for the assessment of emerging technologies against mission requirements and capabilities .

Digital Infrastructure Center Of Excellence

Parsons X

PALADIN Lab is also home to our Parsons X Innovation Center of Excellence, a collaborative space where our team can accelerate the development and delivery of digitally enabled solutions for military and civilian infrastructure. Taking a software and vendor-agnostic approach, the Parsons X team helps cities, states, and federal agencies connect, protect, and upgrade the built infrastructure that our world relies on every day.

Our Integrated Lab Facilities

Our integrated network of system integration labs, DevSecOps support, and fabrication services acts as a force multiplier for our customers’ missions. Our networked labs are located close to customers and are externally accessible (VPN for third party and government).  

Unconventional Access Laboratory, Columbia, MD
Located 15 minutes from Fort Meade, this 26,600 square-foot facility includes a 9,000 square-foot of secure space complete with machine shop, lab space, RF indoor test range, and conference room. The area contains a machine shop, electronics assembly area, open lab space, and a conference room.
Vehicle Integration and Fabrication Facilities, Fredericksburg, VA
Our 16,000 square-foot specialty engineering and prototyping lab is a mixed-use facility dedicated to systems development. Equipped with multi-purpose electronics benches, electronic CAD development workstations, printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping equipment, and test equipment, this facility contains two large high bays for vehicle and trailer integration with readily available expansion space.  
Parsons Universal Modeling and Analytics Laboratory (PUMA Labs), Centreville, VA
PUMA Labs fosters collaboration across groups requiring digital engineering, digital mission engineering, model based systems engineering, digital twining, multidisciplinary analysis and optimization (MDAO), and business process modeling notation. PUMA Labs supports the Parsons Digital Ecosystem and houses the Parsons Digital Engineering Framework (PDEF).
Spectrum Imaging Lab, Herndon, VA
With over 3,000 square feet of flexible lab workspace for RF prototyping, integration, and test, this facility contains dedicated networking and RF test tools with demonstration space and work areas for team collaboration.
Parsons Integration Facility, Huntsville, AL
This high-bay facility has 9,000 square feet of high-bay space, with a five-ton overhead crane and clean room for optics integration, as well as an additional 3,000-square-foot high bay. This lab includes a 620-square-foot machine shop, a 1,100-square-foot electronics lab, a 450-square-foot computer lab, and a 620-square-foot secure facility.
Parsons Space Operations Center, Colorado Springs, CO
This 27,000-square-foot facility includes four labs, six compartments, three server rooms, and a 230-person auditorium supporting work for the research, development, testing, and operations of space and ground station as a service, space domain awareness, cybersecurity, and Space Test and Training Range products and programs.

Our Partners

We actively collaborate with industry leaders and niche providers, including Intel, NVIDIA, Amazon, NetApp, Cubic, Trace Systems, Abaco, Curtiss Wright, DELL, and more, to answer the DoD’s mission requirements. PALADIN Lab and our operational and technological subject matter experts provide the needed space and expertise to identify, evaluate, integrate, test, and deploy mission-critical capabilities.

Parsons is a leading disruptive technology provider in the national security and critical infrastructure markets, with capabilities across cybersecurity, missile defense, space, connected infrastructure, and smart cities. Contact Parsons today to find out how our PALADIN Lab can solve your enterprise’s toughest development and integration challenges. 

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