Resilient PNT: Assured Positioning System

Assured Positioning System (APS) provides location/navigation information in environments where GPS or other GNSS is unavailable or unreliable. APS derives location information from ordinary communications signals transmitted from Globalstar low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites. These signals-of-opportunity (SoOP) are not special position/navigation signals and are not subject to GPS/GNSS jamming or spoofing. For dismount applications, SoOP technology can be combined with IMU and barometric sensor inputs. APS is provided as a plug-in to the Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) residing on a user smartphone.

Positioned For Accuracy

  • Independent backup and/or complement to GPS/GNSS
  • Unaffected by GPS/GNSS jamming and spoofing
  • Leverages Non-GPS/GNSS satellite signals of opportunity
  • Military and commercial applications
  • Dismount, mounted, guidance
  • Hosted application for ER310 SDR

Integrated Sensing From Multiple Inputs

Non-GNSS Satellite Communications Signals

  • LEO commercial satellite communications transmissions

Terrestrial Signals of Opportunity (SoOP)

  • Commercial broadcasting
  • Mobile networks
  • Sources are unaffected by GPS/GNSS jamming & spoofing


  • Provides spectrum sensing and alarms on interference or jamming

IMU & Barometric Sensors

APS Implemented On ER310 SDR

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