Space And Geospatial

Light Years Ahead

Since the space race began, we’ve been looking to the stars to provide end-to-end support for critical space operations. Today, we’re helping our customers unlock the full potential of space by combining our expertise in launch logistics, domain awareness, and geospatial intelligence with our industry-leading satellite integration capabilities.
By empowering our US government partners to safeguard global stability, we’re not just working to deliver a better world—we’re striving toward a safer universe.

Our History In Space

And for the past 30 years, we’ve been tracking and analyzing the evolving space environment, from low to high Earth orbit. Through our artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, we’ve aggregated and collected geospatial intelligence, made it actionable, and put it into the hands of operators and analysts to enable timely and informed decision-making.

Domain-Awareness Capabilities:

  • Battlespace command and control
  • Mission tasking
  • Threat assessment
  • Course-of-action planning
  • Space cyber

Space Integration

What once was the realm of science fiction is now a reality, and we’re making it happen. Small satellite integration is the future of space—the most cost-effective, most efficient, and fastest way to get small payloads into orbit. We accomplished our first integration, from concept to delivery, in a record six months, compared to the years it typically takes for other space operations.   

As the only contractor responsible for the Department of Defense’s small satellite integration efforts, we successfully completed our first launch integration in August 2019 on the ULA Atlas V and have two more launches planned in 2020.

Space Architecture

We combine extensive experience in satellite command and control, systems engineering and integration, and software development with expertise in cloud engineering and cloud architecture to offer our clients significant cost and speed benefits.

Our software automation capabilities and security tool (InspectTM) facilitate a rapid, repeatable, and secure DevSecOps container-based pipeline that can be hosted on bare metal, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. We’re an AWS advanced consulting partner with a DevOps competency and have industry-certified engineers in the major public cloud providers as well as multi-cloud solutions.

Known within the intelligence community for our innovative approach to software development as well as adherence to SAFeTM Agile processes, we provide innovative dashboards for real-time insights into satellite data processing flows, and our data-analytics tools provide straightforward assessments for immediate feedback.

Disclaimer: Parsons is a global company operating through various named legal entity subsidiaries. The company’s successful acquisitions have led us to become a leading disruptive technology company in the critical infrastructure, defense, and intelligence markets.

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