Tactical Edge Electro-Magnetic Sensor (TEMS)

Tactical Edge Electro-Magnetic Sensor (TEMS) is a real time, situational awareness plugin for Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK). TEMS detects RF spectrum energy in the user’s environment and can be controlled using a smart phone.


What Is TEMS?

TEMS is a tactical edge electro-magnetic sensor spectrum analyzer that provides RF receiving capability for situational awareness.  

Situational Awareness App For Echo Ridge ER310 Software-Defined Radio

  • Used in conjunction with the ER310 SDR, our flexible, high-performance, handheld platform designed to host and execute challenging RF applications with demanding real-time processing and communications requirements
  • Detects RF activity in user’s environment
    • Monitors user-specified frequencies
    • Alerts when detected RF power reaches user-defined thresholds
    • Provides visual/tactile alerts
  • Stores RF IQ data samples for analysis
    • Specify RF frequencies of interest
    • Bandwidths and other parameters
Tactical Edge Electro-Magnetic Sensor (TEMS)

Custom Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK) Plug-In Provides Local Command And Control And Situational Awareness

  • Custom Android spectrum analyzer application provides real time spectrum viewing and configuration.
  • Recorded signal samples are available for both local and remote processing
  • Sequentially steps through designated bands, captures samples, repeats cycle
  • Can pass information about detected RF to ATAK smartphone for custom SA capabilities
Tactical Edge Electro-Magnetic Sensor (TEMS)
Spectrum Analyzer
Situational Awareness Application

Learn More About Our Tactical Edge Electro-Magnetic Sensor

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