Factory Compatibility Tester

AceFCT is a factory compatibility tester that combines hardware and software and communicates with an accredited space vehicle before launch. The ACE factory compatibility tester provides a cost-efficient, portable, and rapid means to conduct Satellite Control Network (SCN) and Commercial Augmentation Services (CAS) network ground station compatibility testing before the satellite launch, therefore reducing the risk of incompatibility before launch and potential on-orbit failures.

AceFCT is fully flexible to reduce risk, gain schedule, and validate ground station compatibility prior to satellite launches.

9U Transportable Rack for ground station compatibility testing
9U Transportable Rack
What Is The Ace Factory Compatibility Tester And How Does It Work?

This Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) capability readily expands through software updates to perform factory compatibility testing for additional ground antenna networks including NASA, other government agencies, and shared and dedicated ground networks. The portable AceFCT reduces the footprint for factory compatibility testing to a single 9U transportable case. It also complies with the Air Force Space Command’s Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) and will provide a Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) interface to test and validate new EGS applications.

AceFCT Product Features

  • Cost and risk reduction due to the high amount of validated COTS reuse
  • Reduction of hardware components
  • Software system configuration reduces system complexity
  • Dynamic, real time reconfiguration of user interfaces and RF settings
  • System is less costly to sustain with fewer hardware components
Rack Console/KVM Switch for ground station compatibility testing

Connectivity Options

AceFCT is fully Interim Authority to Test (IATT)/Authority to Operate (ATO) ready with a Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) hardened cyber-protected test equipment. AceFCT supports multiple configurations, from local or remote Satellite Operations Center (SOC) connectivity to serial or TCP/IP SOC connectivity and from spacecraft hardware testbeds to high-fidelity spacecraft simulation.


  • Commercial Antenna and AFSCN Compatibility Testing
  • Pre-launch RF Link Spacecraft Testing
  • Spacecraft ground control system Command and Telemetry Validation
  • Time Data Correlation (TDC) and Time Critical Commanding (TCC) Testing
  • Satellite Control and Network Operator Training

AceFCT Components

  • TRAC software defined modem\baseband unit; supports RF signals for TT&C, in-band telemetry, commanding, and payload signals
  • Configuration enabled updates for most satellite vehicles; X-band and other mission data testing are also available Antenna Simulation — AceFCT currently models all required functions for an AFSCN ground antenna and commercial network antenna
  • Ground Control Interface — AceFCT supports the ADCCP interface protocol over both serial and TCP/IP and supports the Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) interface protocol
  • Application Validation — AceFCT is working to support testing EGS compliant applications for validation with the spacecraft.
Proven Validation
  • Validated the GPS System FCT procedure from the USAF Launch/Early Orbit Anomaly Resolution and Disposal Operations (LADO) system and the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Commercial AFSCN Service project
  • Interface Control Document (ICD) compliant for the AFSCN
  • Used for validation testing with STPSat-4
Numerous Configuration Possibilities
  • Serial and TCP/IP SOC Connections — SOC is not required to be collocated with AceFCT
  • Vehicle Simulation — Simulate satellite vehicle with our ACE Real-time Simulator (AceSIM) product within AceFCT
  • IA Package Addition — Leverage accredited cybersecurity stack

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