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Smart Vehicle Solutions

Our Smart Vehicle Solutions team is at the forefront of applying innovative, integrated, user-friendly, custom hardware and software solutions to help states and provinces modernize all user-based activity. From dealership certification and oversight to vehicle inspection, road usage charges, data analysis on nearly any complex database project, our 500+ strong team has supported more than 20 program transitions and implementations, modernizing traditional operations and delivering smart results.

We are dedicated to helping states and provinces innovate and modernize their services. With a first-to-market tablet testing solution, our team has been transforming the vehicle safety and emissions inspection industry one DMV at a time.

Our Smart Vehicle Solutions Technologies

Triggers & Audits
We design custom audit trigger systems to ensure that program compliance is consistently and quickly verifiable. Our trigger and auditing approach delivers effective compliance monitoring because we build our systems to continually monitor and analyze all incoming data for potential fraud and opportunity for stakeholder education.
Reporting & Data Valet
Our easy-to-use reporting dashboards bring program information to our clients’ fingertips. Using web-based reporting suites and dashboards, we enable quick viewing of key performance indicators, with the capability to drill down for more detail. Our custom Data Valet services provide a hands-on, dedicated resource to help prepare customer reports, dashboards, and ongoing data mining support to program oversight staff.
Our clients take the cybersecurity of their data seriously, and so do we. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities in vehicle inspection and compliance present a major security risk. As a leading supplier of cybersecurity and operational technology security to the US Government and other commercial clients, we pair our vehicle inspection and cyber expertise to keep our customer’s data safe. Our programs achieve extremely high uptime and a secure environment through the implementation of a strong security platform that protects clients, customer data, and systems from unauthorized access, fraudulent activity, and external attacks. We have proudly achieved zero cyber instances on all our programs, and we continuously work to detect fraudulent activity and falsified data.
Call Center
Our full-service call center services approach supports our specific user communities, public, and government clients by creating a completely customized and robust solution for both short- and long-term projects. We utilize the latest technology to provide accurate, complete, current, and timely information critical to addressing and resolving general inquiry calls, crisis management needs, outbound calls, as well as technical support needs.
Billing And Fee Collection
Our custom-built fee collection systems collect and redistribute more than $100 million annually. In more than 20 years of fee collection, we have not lost a single penny owed to any program. Our end-to-end fee management process ensures accuracy, traceability, auditability, and dependability. Using our cybersecurity expertise, we secure our fee collection applications, encrypting all banking information, and protecting it using the privacy features built into all of our applications and systems.
Equipment Sales And Maintenance
For over 20 years, we’ve designed, built, and delivered custom equipment solutions, providing program hardware technical support, replacements, repairs, maintenance, new equipment fulfillment/ issuance, and inventory control. We deliver ruggedized tablets that interface with our databases and systems, wireless data acquisition devices, document and sticker printers, routers, and related equipment. By taking a multi-pronged supply and deployment approach, our proven processes fulfill equipment orders for large scale implementations, maintaining well-stocked local inventory warehouses, and meeting our commitment to working with original equipment manufacturers and distributors.
Training And Certification
Our robust, customized training programs have trained and credentialed more than 100,000 individuals over 10 years. Leveraging both online and in-classroom learning and exam proctoring, we provide flexible learning solutions. We develop training, certification, and recertification processes for students to prove their readiness to take part in the program.
Heavy Duty Emissions Testing
Our vehicle communication experts design mobile, accurate, and standards-based emissions tools and applications to maximize heavy-duty (HD) vehicle emissions communication. Our strategy and approach progressively resolves HD OBD communications and software issues with all engine types and improves inspection success using “pass-through technology.” This allows us to adjust settings per vehicle rather than having to apply any broad sweeping changes to all vehicles tested. This level of per vehicle integration results in a program that evolves over time to handle a wider variety of trucks and ensure that even older trucks not bound by an emissions standard still communicate.

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Our quest to constantly improve every program we support has led us to implement solutions that benefit our clients across North America, as well as the motorists they serve and the communities they impact. Interested in learning more about our smart vehicle solutions? Reach out to us via the contact us form today.

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