Land Mobile Radio (LMR) For Public Safety

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, adopting a foresight-driven strategy for safeguarding critical infrastructure, particularly cloud and public safety communication networks is imperative. We're ready to confront the complexities of rapidly evolving security landscapes. With a reputation as a trusted provider, we're dedicated to ensuring the resilience and integrity of vital systems in today's digital world. 

Strengthening Public Safety Through Effective Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Implementation

Our team has been delivering critical infrastructure network solutions to our customers since 2005 across a wide spectrum of requirements and have extensive experience with public safety, land mobile radios (LMR), NG911, SCADA, AMI, and LTE networks utilizing fiber, microwave, or legacy links. Our solutions provide a mix of, or all hardware, software, and engineering services required to implement and migrate Radio Backhaul Networks.

Public Safety Network Services

We provide all hardware, software, and engineering services required to implement and migrate Radio Backhaul Networks. Our radio network solutions include assessment, engineering design, seamless installation, systems integration and optimization, and, where required, migration to advanced technologies.

Our engineering methodology also allows clients to leverage existing assets while future proofing their network with new hardware.

Our engineering and service team is skilled at exceeding all necessary customer technical requirements within prescribed timeline and budgetary constraints. Our designs are vendor neutral, allowing for greater flexibility.

Critical Infrastructure Networks

Is Now The Time To Consider An Upgrade To Your Network’s Backhaul?

Innovating Public Safety

As public safety radio systems grow in complexity, so does the need for enhanced backhaul networks, monitoring, and cyber threat and vulnerability protection.  Cyber incidents have become one of the greatest operational risks to public safety. Check out some of our recent blogs and papers highlighting how we address these shifting issues.

Mastering Land Mobile Radio (LMR): Essential Lessons From Decades Of Experience 

When boots are on the ground in a crisis, a split-second interruption in communication can be the difference between a first responder hearing “shoot” when the order was “Don’t shoot.” […]

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Common Challenges With LMR Backhaul

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems are critical communications networks used by public safety agencies that provide a dedicated means of connecting first responders in real-time where every second counts during […]

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Understanding Your LMR Backhaul

Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems are a standard communication technology utilized by organizations that require instantaneous communication between personnel that are mobile and geographically dispersed. LMR Is typically used by public organizations such as emergency medical personnel, fire departments, and police, though private organizations also use LMR for activities such as construction and operations.

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Is Your Backhaul The Cybersecurity Weakness In Your LMR Network?

Cybersecurity In LMR Backhauls Traditionally, cybersecurity is not a concept often discussed in the context of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network backhauls. Cyber-attacks were relatively infrequent, and backhauls could be […]

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Parsons Unveils Industry’s First Holistic Cyber Solution for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Parsons announced the launch of a new holistic cyber solution Cyberzcape Tracker that proactively protects and neutralizes cyber threats within critical infrastructure networks.

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Parsons To Acquire IPKeys Power Partners

CENTREVILLE, Va. (March 14, 2023) – Parsons Corporation (NYSE: PSN) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire IPKeys Power Partners, Inc. Founded in 2014, IPKeys […]

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Advance Your Infrastructure Protection

Ready to fortify your cyber defenses with a solution that’s as dynamic as the threats you face? We prepare you for the digital challenges of today while priming you to conquer those of tomorrow.

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