Cyberzcape™ NMS

A Better LMR Backhaul Monitoring Solution

Cyberzcape Network Monitoring System (NMS) is a results-oriented, service-based, network anomaly detection tool that solves radio operators’ biggest stability challenge — identifying and resolving issues that are tied to backhaul. Our Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Backhaul Solution makes it easy to identify and resolve issues quickly, reducing the time to resolve issues and improving the overall reliability and performance of your LMR network.

The reliability of a public safety radio communications network is the single most critical challenge any Land Mobile Radio (LMR) operator faces. As these networks evolve into complex hybrids of analog, digital, and broadband technologies, tools that make it easy to identify and remedy performance and quality of service (QoS) issues and outages are difficult to come by.

Cyberzcape Backhaul NMS Process and Network Anomaly Detection

“Most NMS systems are designed to be eye candy and are rarely used to solve issues. Cyberzcape NMS is focused on keeping LMR networks functioning within the required performance envelope and solves real world problems.”

– Dan Havens, VP of Technology

Key Benefits Of Cyberzcape NMS

Cut Through The Noise
Targets the key elements that truly affect the quality of service of LMR networks such as packet performance, packet loss, latency and jitter.
Actionable Insights
Easily identify outages, causes, and resolutions and improve link performance of routers and systems to prevent or mitigate future events.
Cybersecurity Benefits
Featuring 24×7 network monitoring & alerting, light-touch discovery scans, network anomaly detection, router anomaly detection, patch monitoring, and more.
Designed For Radio Operators
Built for radio personnel to monitor and troubleshoot the backhaul – without the need for network engineering expertise or training.

How Does Cyberzcape NMS Resolve Backhaul Issues?

LMR networks have integrated monitoring system designed to monitor the remote RF, dispatch, and master sites by providing insights into the radio performance and coverage. Cyberzcape NMS acts as an adjunct to these systems, providing visibility into the backhaul network with an equivalent degree of information, in a synchronized correlated view.

Cyberzcape NMS’s system of breaking down metrics by path and hop delivers quick insights into causes of radio transport events, degraded sitelinks, packet loss, or failure events. These events can be easily surfaced by simply clicking on a radio or master site and following the path using real-time or historical data. Anomalies in the path performance errors, packet loss and excessive jitter are shown. The ability to then drill down to a hop-by-hop view will pinpoint the cause of the event and lead to resolution.

Monitors Backhaul Networks

  • Events
  • Outages
  • Degradation
Cyberzcape Backhaul NMS Network Anomaly Detection
Cyberzcape Backhaul NMS Network Anomaly Detection

Data Recording

Cyberzcape NMS records data so network operators can look back in time and easily identify network failures and anomalies.

Vendor Agnostic

Our vendor-agnostic solution works across all major LMR vendors (Motorola, Harris, Tait) and backhaul vendors (Nokia, Cisco, Juniper).

Cyberzcape Backhaul NMS Network Anomaly Detection
Expert Insights: Is Your Backhaul The Cybersecurity Weakness In Your LMR Network?

Traditionally, cybersecurity is not a concept often discussed in the context of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network backhauls. Today, the complexity and frequency of cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate. Learn more about how to combat this issue with Cyberzcape NMS.

Interested In Learning More About Cyberzcape NMS?

To learn more about our Cyberzcape Backhaul Network Monitoring System (NMS) and how we can improve the reliability of your LMR communications network, please fill out the contact us form.

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