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Threats to human health and safety are ever-present, but as a leading disruptive technology provider, our health and biosciences experts have developed and deployed tools that provide early warning, diagnosis and detection, situational awareness, and decision support for public health and medical emergencies. DetectWise™ is one of those solutions, and as a flexible, configurable platform, it can be paired with other solutions to fit the needs of today and tomorrow.

Revolutionizing Subject Engagement

DetectWise™ is a powerful subject engagement platform that provides users with a comprehensive way to manage their health and wellness. With unique role-based privileging, users can create accounts and access a range of features including self-attestations, vaccination status uploads, and real-time diagnostic test reporting through mobile devices or kiosks. The system also enables managers to receive reports, manage logistics, and coordinate requirements based on program needs. Notifications are provided to users when actions are required, such as scheduling or reporting on diagnostic tests or vital signs scans. DetectWise™ is an ideal solution for health surveillance programs looking to monitor for various health threats from infectious diseases to heat exposure. Its flexible architecture allows for integration with a wide range of endpoints, making it an excellent choice for clients looking to address diverse use cases.

Biometric Registration And Identification

DetectWise™ is a plug-and-play platform, allowing for seamless integration of our AIRMED (Automated Identification and Registration of Enrollment Data) solution. This system enables biometric registration and identification of clinical study subjects through fingerprint and iris recognition, which is matched during follow-up visits. Designed for use in austere and remote locations, AIRMED synchronizes collected information between mobile field tablets and operates offline when taken to remote locations outside the range of network communications.

Trusted Technology

DetectWise™ and AIRMED each provided critical solutions during recent public health emergencies.

DetectWise™ has been deployed to support the COVID-19 Pandemic response in several ways:

  • Kiosks using accurate temperature screening technologies and vital signs measuring capabilities were deployed across medical facilities, food manufacturing plants, office environments, and industrial facilities to allow the safe continuation of critical services
  • Provided a proctored COVID testing service for Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees to conduct self-administered COVID testing and reporting, allowing mission-critical personnel to enter the workspace safely
  • Continues to provide logistical support for Enforcement and Removal Operations and Immigration Health Services Corps detention centers through supplying COVID testing supplies, equipment, and training services, allowing medical staff to conduct uninterrupted COVID screening to identified detainees.

AIRMED was deployed in support of a Partnership for Research on the Ebola Virus in Liberia (PREVAIL) study on vaccine effectiveness. The system was used at four National Institute of Health (NIH) clinics in Liberia. AIRMED was also used in an observational cohort study of individuals who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 and of exposed individuals who tested negative to describe characteristics and course of infection (PREVAIL XI).

Remote Services And Decentralized Care

Parsons has dedicated research and development funds to synergize these two systems to create an innovative solution for the challenging post-COVID, decentralized, remote services environment. The resulting capability allows individuals to participate in clinical trials and research studies from home. The AIRMED system is used for the identity verification of participants, as well as the collection and return of results and other information. Concurrently, the secure capabilities of DetectWise™ are utilized for scheduling, video conferencing, documentation, and data management components.

Although Parsons does not provide healthcare services directly, we offer cost-effective end-to-end technology and software services that enable remote decentralized care. By utilizing our innovative technologies and remote capabilities, decentralized studies can overcome barriers, such as geography and language, to reach a wider range of participants from diverse backgrounds. This allows for the inclusion of previously underserved communities and ensures that new treatments are effective across different populations and not just a select few.

Key Features

  • Multi-model biometric/biographic enrollment and verification of participants (fingerprints, iris, id barcode) that eliminates fraudulent participation
  • Detailed participant dossiers: biographics, visit schedule, associated data
  • Customizable software and configurable workflows
  • Customizable ID card & label creation and printing
  • Customizable reporting
  • Meets NIH/NIAID standards for clinical studies
  • Manage multiple clinical trials simultaneously
  • Embedded training on each system
  • Kiosk quickly and automatically scans the body temperature and vital signs of the individual
  • Results instantaneously updated in a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud database
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Software Platform

DetectWise™ offers app and web-based software allowing users to create accounts, complete self-attestations and upload vaccination status and integrate diagnostic test results in real time. Based on an organization defined workflow, notifications can be provided to employees/users and employers/businesses when actions are required. When users are deemed in compliance with guidelines, the software issues access credentials that can be validated as necessary for access into a facility or event.

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Touchless Screening Kiosk

Our DetectWise™ touchless screening kiosk validates issued credentials and provides an intuitive, self-guided experience that facilitates and expedites effective screening of multiple vital signs, so you can be assured that people entering your facility aren’t introducing health risks. With scalable, customizable options, we can design a solution that fits your unique need and budget.

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Proven Logistics Partner

DetectWise™ provides a dashboard through which clients can order testing supplies and access our project management services and training tools. Individual test results are integrated into this platform, making it a one-stop-shop for clients. Test results are interpreted via mobile phone technology (e.g., not self-interpreted), digitized, and sent through secure connections to DetectWise™, ensuring compliance with federal guidelines. Our DetectWise™ accommodates the appropriate local, state, and federal reporting requirements in addition to robust client reporting and integration with other DetectWise™ tools.

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Laboratory Support Services

Our staffing solutions meet the research needs of military and civilian organizations, laboratories, and medical facilities. Our subject matter expertise includes molecular biology, immunology, serology, bacteriology, neuroscience, laboratory science/management, field collection, field lab detection, outbreak response, production of reagents, and assay development. We stand ready to partner with customers through stages of the research maturation process, including work in the laboratory, prototyping, fabrication, and preclinical and clinical research, the latter of which is supported by our combined AIRMED DetectWise™ product.

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Regulation Compliance

Our DetectWise™ solution integrates local, state, and federal requirements into one easy-to-use technology platform, allowing organizations to concentrate on their businesses, while knowing the mandated guidelines are being complied with, and employees remain safe and healthy within the workplace. A one-stop-shop solution – from simple health and vaccination attestation to validated vaccination credentialing and/or integrated testing with real-time result reporting – DetectWise™ helps any business that needs to comply with workforce regulations.

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