Making The New Normal A Safe Normal

It can be incredibly challenging to reactivate businesses, government and public facilities, and universities while protecting everyone’s health, safety, and security. That’s why, in support of everyone’s desire to transition to a new normal, we’ve developed an integrated, touchless suite of solutions called DetectWise™

The DetectWise suite includes the following: 

Health Attestation Software And Analytics

To safely enable a new normal in which governments and businesses can operate at full capacity, a large percentage of the population must be tested or, at a minimum, self-screen for symptoms on a regular basis. Testing technologies for antigens (indicating the current presence of SARS-CoV-2) and antibodies (indicating previously having SARS-CoV-2) are improving every day. Critical infrastructure owners, government organizations, and large companies need to know that the large volumes of people they interact with, whether their own employees or the general public, are not a health risk to others.  

Our Solution

We address this issue through software solutions that align with CDC and other health organization guidance to assess risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses. We then integrate this functionality with IT platforms we use every day, such as linking a passenger’s mobile ticket or an employee’s smart badge to their authenticated health-screening record. Each industry uses unique IT systems, but we’re able to apply our core technical architecture across all applications, then tailor our approach to meet our clients’ unique needs. We use artificial intelligence-driven analytics to sort through oceans of data and deliver new levels of situational understanding of health trends.

Our Approach

Adapting to and overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic will require collaborating with a diverse set of stakeholders—critical infrastructure owners, cutting-edge technology providers, ticketing agencies, the medical community, and regulatory experts and authorities. We can unite these groups to ensure that people can return safely to their daily lives by protecting both their health and their data.

Touchless Screening Sensors

The rise of COVID-19 has prompted governments and businesses to rethink their safety and security considerations to include viral contagions. To operate at full capacity, many facilities will require rapid-screening capability at access points. Enabling a new normal means making health screening fast and easy through solutions that are rapid, scalable, and touchless.

  • Rapid, to facilitate high throughput at entry points
  • Scalable features for affordability across a range of customers
  • Touchless, to minimize virus transmission

Our Solution

Our touchless screening sensors come in a variety of form factors from kiosks to tripod-mounted cameras. They provide an intuitive, self-guided experience that facilitates and expedites effective screening, so you can be assured that people entering your facility aren’t introducing health risks.

We configured our kiosk for the following three separate customer segments:

  • Basic Pass/Fail Evaluation – our entrance that simply evaluates on a pass/fail basis without collecting data (no data privacy concerns)
  • Advanced User – Health screening connected to individual entry data collected from tickets or passes (kiosk capable of managing the smart queuing of entrants)
  • Critical Infrastructure Users – Fully networked smart kiosks, tied into databases and used to satisfy entry controls (facial recognition, retinal scan, smart cards) and/or virus tracking

Our Approach

Our touchless screening kiosk allows for non-contact health screening for people seeking to access an area while minimizing personal risk and risk to others, as depicted in the

Parsons touchless screening kiosk workflow.

  • Non-Contact Interface (NCI) – The welcome screen prompts users to complete a short questionnaire using voice recognition/gesture tracking on the kiosk or through a web app linked to the kiosk and accessible on a mobile device. The kiosk guides users through each step. Based on the results, the kiosk will grant access or direct the individual to a queue for further screening.
  • Standoff Physiological Monitoring – Embedded sensors passively monitor multiple physiological metrics, providing an individual health risk assessment.
    Options include measuring temperature (to detect fever), respiration rate and pulse rate (heightened respiration rate may indicate compromised respiratory system), and/or duration since previous screening using facial recognition (which will also match the person to their health records).
    Detected anomalies can trigger a remote video link to a supervisor or trained attendant.
  • Data Sources – Data can be linked to a ticketing system to authenticate the results of the health screen.
    Users can be provided with the ability to opt-in and provide additional health data in exchange for additional benefits (such as accelerated entrance into a facility).

Modular Testing Infrastructure

Parsons’ modular testing booths are self-contained and can be transported to virtually any environment, allowing for rapid testing and efficiency while protecting workers.

Federal, state, and local governments, along with the private sector, are focused on safely resuming operations in a post-pandemic environment and preventing potentially sick individuals from entering a facility, building, or public areas and infecting others. These organizations may have a need for on-site testing and consultation facilities to improve safety and prevent the spread of viruses

Our Solution

Our modular testing infrastructure was designed to offer high-throughput, on-site SARS-CoV-2  testing, featuring the following benefits:

  • Innovative Patient Exam Modules – Maximizing patient throughput
  • Positive And Negative Ventilation Control – Preventing patient-to-worker transmission through filtration systems
  • Flexibility – Enabling the movement of medical technicians and reducing the consumption of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Highly Configurable Modular Design Available in 2-, 4-, 8-, and 12-booth configurations
  • Drive-Through Or Walk-Up Patient Access – Enabling one or both at the same site
Test Module Preliminary Site Concept And Illustration

Our Approach

Our modular patient examination booths provide safety for the entire medical team. Our design is informed by our experience providing specialized clinics and test facilities for mission-specific requirements, including the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Syria Chemical Weapons Elimination mission and a modular facility in Iraq that we repurposed and deployed to West Africa during the Ebola crisis. The design uses engineering controls to maximize worker protection and minimize PPE consumption.

Our solution is configurable for walk-up or drive-through facilities. Key components include a module with patient exam booths; a sanitized, protected medical working area; and smaller self-contained booths for drive-through and data-entry technicians. Attendants work from sealed booths fitted with engineering controls, isolating workers from patients and preventing unnecessary contact.

Patient examination and technician booths include a glovebox wall with a bag-in/bag-out system, enabling workers to safely examine patients and collect specimens from a sealed chamber for analysis in a controlled environment. This feature allows physical separation from the patient while enabling the worker performing the exam to have sufficient dexterity.

Medical workers can access tablet-based, Bluetooth-connected screening tools and distribute sample kits to patients with minimal to no contact. Samples are then batched for processing under a hood at the on-site testing facility. Testing and biosafety procedures will adhere to interim CDC guidelines for sample handling and specimen processing associated with COVID-19 (see link).

The electric genset, potable water, and gray-water tanks ship within the facility for deployment outside. The facility will include storage for supplies and PPE.


Surface decontamination protocols allow quick turnaround without sacrificing safety or performance efficiencies. Patient exam booths are chemically disinfected between each use and are physically disinfected regularly. Inner surfaces and floors are decontaminated with EPA-registered hospital disinfectants formulated with hydrogen peroxide and with label claims that they are effective against SARS-CoV-2 (see link).

As an option, patient exam booths can include a UV flash disinfection system. A motion light and thermal sensor will constantly monitor the chamber for activity. Once an exam is complete and the booth is empty, an interlock will secure and shade the room. The booth will then be disinfected using the EPA-recommended UV flash dosage and duration.

Why Us?

We care deeply about the health and safety of our team, our partners, and our customers, and we remain more committed than ever to our purpose of delivering a better world. We’re a 16,000-employee company with a 75-year legacy of managing a diverse variety of technology and infrastructure needs across the globe. In doing so, we’ve grown to support a wide range of clients—from federal, state, and local governments to commercial clients, such as utilities, mass transit organizations, commercial companies with large corporate campuses, and client construction sites.

We’re drawing on proprietary temperature and other biometric sensing technology and expertise as well as commercial kiosk technology and queuing expertise in high-throughput environments. We also take pride in our ability to integrate our DetectWise point solutions into other existing infrastructure (such as access control systems, ticketing systems, and employee databases).

Our decades of experience include the following:

  • Anomaly Detection And Handling – Vehicle inspection and analytics solutions for US and Canadian state and provincial governments
  • Advanced Sensor Technology – Touchless, standoff physiological measurements
  • Database Access/Integration – Efforts across both commercial and government sectors
  • Facility Access Control – For military and commercial installations

The culmination of this experience and expertise is DetectWise, which provides the secure solution we need today to make the new normal a safe normal.

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

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