Leading the Industry by Example

As a full-service infrastructure provider with world-class program management and risk management expertise, our portfolio spans complete project life cycles. With a deep understanding of the total cost of ownership, asset management, and sustainability, our innovative approaches to professional services, construction, operations and maintenance, and infrastructure protection accomplish your project goals:

  • Save money
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce facility footprints
  • Enable your mission

Integrated Capabilities

Our capabilities span all infrastructure submarkets and services, and our adjacent defense and security offerings provide a distinct advantage over the competition. With our cybersecurity expertise, we address the growing threat of cyber attacks on critical infrastructure, and we’re proficient at both mitigating vulnerabilities in existing facilities and systems and designing and integrating new, network-based, enterprise physical security systems. Our approach considers your entire portfolio and the full life cycle of your facilities. By combining space, condition, and energy and water audits and by using innovative technologies, we optimize the use of your facilities and help you realize considerable cost savings.

Specialized Mission-Critical Infrastructure Design and Construction

We’re a leading provider of highly secure, mission-critical facilities and other specialized facilities, which we’ve designed, built, operated, and maintained for a variety of purposes:

  • To store and track IT data
  • To dispose of highly toxic chemical weapons
  • To safeguard our national airspace
  • To store and/or eliminate special nuclear energy, hazardous materials, and wastes

A pioneer in the use of 3D/4D/5D, building information modeling (BIM), and computer automated design (CAD) modeling systems, our facility designs incorporate safety and security requirements to address physical, cyber, and human threats. We have intimate knowledge of the Unified Facilities Criteria for security engineering and antiterrorism/force protection and the Department of Homeland Security physical security criteria for federal facilities. More than any other firm, we stand ready and able to tackle any infrastructure challenge in support of national and global security.

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