Mobile Data Collection & Tracking

Mobile Data Collector

Monitor your fleet in real-time with mobile data collection and tracking solutions. Gather raw data on location, equipment performance, weather conditions, and more, and convert that data into easy-to-understand, actionable information that makes it easier to manage and maintain your equipment.

How It Works

Winter Road Management

Mobile data collection and tracking allows states to optimize snow removal and roadway treatment – traditionally one of the most expensive and labor-intensive operations performed. A controller installed in each snowplow receives information from the operator, spreader controller, GPS receiver, and plow blade sensors, providing current information to improve operational efficiency, optimize the amount of applied materials, and decrease overall cost. Features include:

Road management platform
  • Touch screen user interface allows operators to input driving conditions and lane treatment information
  • Integrated on-board web interface allows Road Maintenance Decision information (including local radar, weather forecasts and recommended material application rates) to be communicated to the snow plow operator
  • GPS monitoring of snowplow location, speed, and direction; ability to integrate information with any NTCIP central system and check status from any desktop or mobile browser
  • Interface with existing spreader controllers to monitor dispensing rates, road, and air temperature, and automatically detect plow blade position

Public Safety

Optimize public safety budgets while keeping citizens safe with mobile data collection and tracking. Law enforcement, safety service patrols, fire departments, and EMTs can utilize our technology to increase emergency response efficiency and gain more control of their mobile assets. Benefits include:

  • Reduce emergency response times
  • Increase safety of department members
  • Real-time view of fleet vehicle locations
  • In-vehicle display of traffic and road conditions
  • Detailed bread-crumbing and reporting options
  • Monitor and report unauthorized use or non-emergency speeding



Gain an unparalleled level of insight to your mining operations with a mobile data tracking system that provides real-time data on location and status of all fleet vehicles. Our data tracking mining solution allows for:

  • Monitor all assets, including for loss prevention and alarm warnings on all equipment
  • Diagnose and correct engine failures before they happen
  • Produce detailed reports for documentation, safety, and to gauge the overall health of the mine
  • Prepare for weather conditions
  • Ensure correct drilling locations


Increase productivity, reduce loss, and keep your jobsites safe by monitoring your entire fleet of equipment and assets from a single screen. The powerful mobile data tracking system can alert you to issues before failure occurs, saving on repair costs, reducing downtime, and improving safety. Benefits include:

  • Monitor equipment location and performance, which helps prevent theft
  • Gauge vehicle speed
  • Diagnose and correct engine failures before they happen
  • Document progress through customizable, dynamic reporting options
  • In-cab monitoring of vehicle status, weather, and routes

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

Cyberzcape NMS↗

Cyberzcape Network Monitoring System (NMS) helps radio operators identify and resolve backhaul issues.


Paradim® is our cloud-hosted and software-agnostic asset and data information management solution.

Intelligent Intersections↗

Using existing hardware, we gather information at intersections and use advanced analytics to provide a dashboard of information.

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