The Future Of Flight

One Product. Complete Flight Dynamic Mission Lifecycle. SatFlyer™ is a versatile software toolset that provides full-lifecycle flight-dynamics capabilities with an adaptable, buildable platform.

Customizable, scalable, and affordable, SatFlyer provides end-to-end mission design capabilities. A unique software solution, SatFlyer offers modeling, prediction, disposal and maneuver planning, radio frequency interference, an orbit calculator, mass properties calculations, and a Python application programming interface in a single product.

If you’re looking to manage the entire flight dynamics mission lifecycle, you’re looking for SatFlyer™.

SatFlyer™ provides orbit and attitude dynamics allowing a user to determine where a spacecraft is and its orientation. The software models trajectories, including it’s launch, change of orbit planes, and disposal. SatFlyer™ provides options for Earth gravity models, sun and moon perturbations, and external forces from atmospheric drag and solar winds that perturb the trajectory of the vehicle. By modeling these forces, a user can analyze satellite vehicles in specific space environments, orbits, and attitudes.

Key Technical Features


  • End-to-end mission design capabilities
  • Offers lights-out operations with accompanying TT&C automation
  • Provides real-time orbit and attitude determination during thruster maneuvers (ion and propellant)
  • Architecturally designed for extensibility and scalability
  • Distributed architecture for high-speed computing


  • Single product managing the entire flight dynamics mission lifecycle
  • Lower operational costs and reduced operator error
  • Increased technical performance with operational precision and autonomous systems response
  • Accommodates tailoring to evolving requirements without costly customization
  • Facilitates intensive processing systems and increased performance

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