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One Product. Complete Flight Dynamic Mission Lifecycle. SatFlyer™ is a versatile software toolset that provides full-lifecycle flight-dynamics capabilities, orbit calculation and attitude determination with an adaptable, buildable platform.

What Is SatFlyer And How Does It Work?

Customizable, scalable, and affordable, SatFlyer provides end-to-end mission design capabilities. A unique software solution, SatFlyer offers modeling, prediction, disposal and maneuver planning, radio frequency interference, an orbit calculator, mass properties calculations, and a Python application programming interface in a single product.

If you’re looking to manage the entire flight dynamics mission lifecycle, you’re looking for SatFlyer™.

What Kind Of Full-Lifecycle Flight Dynamics Capabilities Are Provided By SatFlyer?

SatFlyer™ provides orbit calculation and attitude determination allowing a user to determine where a spacecraft is and its orientation. The software models trajectories, including it’s launch, change of orbit planes, and disposal. It also provides options for Earth gravity models, sun and moon perturbations, and external forces from atmospheric drag and solar winds that perturb the trajectory of the vehicle. By modeling these forces, a user can analyze satellite vehicles in specific space environments, orbits, and attitudes.

Key Technical Features


  • End-to-end mission design capabilities
  • Offers lights-out operations with accompanying TT&C automation
  • Provides real-time orbit calculation and attitude determination during thruster maneuvers (ion and propellant)
  • Architecturally designed for extensibility and scalability
  • Distributed architecture for high-speed computing


  • Single product managing the entire flight dynamics mission lifecycle
  • Lower operational costs and reduced operator error
  • Increased technical performance with operational precision and autonomous systems response
  • Accommodates tailoring to evolving requirements without costly customization
  • Facilitates intensive processing systems and increased performance

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