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C2Core® is a command and control (C2) tool developed for operators by operators. Battle-tested, C2Core® is trusted by militaries and governments worldwide, including the US Air Force Air Combat Command, US Navy, Air National Guard, USSTRATCOM, 16th Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, and New Zealand Defence Force.

Our C2Core® solution enables operators to react to the enemy faster than the enemy can respond to them. With integrated displays, custom alerts, an intuitive user interface, and integration capability with hundreds of fielded systems, C2Core® allows operators to assess, plan, and execute faster and more accurately than ever before. 

Unlike competing C2 tools, C2Core® is more than just a data entry system. With indicators, alerts, and constraints, C2Core® gives operations center owners and operators the comprehensive planning, execution, and assessment capabilities necessary to solve their mission’s most challenging problems. It’s fast, intuitive, interoperable, and secure—enabling operators to assess, plan, and execute for mission success.

Key Features:

  • Strategy-to-task linkage with built-in assessment automation
  • Geospatial, temporal, and relational visualization capabilities
  • Integrated mission data search and query
  • Single database shared by all elements of air operations centers
  • Secured for operations on classified networks
  • Collaborative planning and execution with role-based user access permissions
  • Scalable planning and execution
  • Remote access via browser for mission partners and executing units

Every military engagement, campaign, or battle plan is directed by a commander’s guidance, objectives, and priorities as the strategy. C2Core® provides the ability to digitally capture the commander’s guidance into a hierarchical set of objectives and effects. To support real-time operator decision-making, priorities are assigned to the objectives so that operators are aware of the prioritization of effects in the battle plan.

Strategy captured in C2Core® is used to produce guidance documents such as the air operations directive, joint air operations plan, cyber operations directive, and other output formats.

Check out the snippets from our platform below:


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