Joint All-Domain Command And Control (JADC2)

Connecting The Domains

As the battlespace becomes more connected and interdependent, we are working closely with the services to make the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) strategy a reality.

For decades, we have operated in every aspect of the all-domain ecosystem, delivering proven operational capabilities that ensure domain superiority and information dominance regardless of the environment – from highly contested through permissive.

Our agile approach and technological innovation results in a consortium mentality, ensuring best-of-class solutions while maintaining interoperability across efforts. Because we touch every aspect of the all-domain environment for multiple services, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the most value and capability to the DoD.

Parsons’ Digital Engineering Framework (PDEF)

PDEF, a product of Parsons Universal Modeling & Analysis Lab, is a model-driven, simulation-based analytical environment which includes Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). In addition to supporting a requirements determination process and the verification and validation of specifications for a system or system of systems (SoS); PDEF can perform trade analysis, multivariate optimization, discrete event simulation, analysis of alternatives, design of experiments and advanced visualization of simulations and data through business intelligence dash boarding.  Through a federated approach, PDEF can “wrap” and leverage existing client models and simulations. It can also integrate their results into the over analytics without impacting their source code. Results are fully integrated and captured in a repository serving as the “authoritative source of truth”.

In contrast to document centric system engineering and integration (SE&I) approaches, PDEF MBSE offers a coherent virtual model (VM) of a system or SoS, resulting in a “Reference Architecture” from which to iterate the design and trade space analytics through the development cycle. This proves to be an SE&I process supporting Life Cycle Management, including application of digital twining, model-base sustainment. Large analytics are integrated and turned into actionable knowledge. With PDEF dashboarding, decision makers can “turn the knobs” and conduct “what if” prescriptive and predictive analytics.

DevSecOps Pipelines

We are a leading provider of DevSecOps engineers for several DoD and IC programs, including the Platform One initiative. We are part of the team developing Platform One DevSecOps processes, architectures, culture, and pipeline technologies.

Platform One is changing software development and acquisition processes across the DoD. We are proud to be part of this innovative initiative that provides developers and software factories with an established software development pipeline that includes foundational security with continuous ATO accreditation.  

All-Domain Integration

Our integration experience enables a variety of Joint All-Domain Operations (JADO) capabilities. These capabilities include:

  • Dissemination of strategic guidance with unit-level planning.
  • Communication of commander’s intent with the warfighter’s understanding and tactical execution.
  • The fusion of national information passed to the tactical edge.
  • Successful collaboration across domains leading to actionable intelligence for the warfighter.
  • All-domain access to sensors and effects when and where needed with a better understanding of larger strategic objectives.

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning (AI/ML)

We are developing an AI-enabled decision support framework that will significantly accelerate the deployment, tempo, and effectiveness of JADC2. Our technology unifies disparate artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and products. We provide enhanced situational awareness and an accelerated planning and decision cycle across all domains to include air, space, cyber, ground, and maritime. This capability facilitates AI unification via advanced data fusion and knowledge representation technology. 

Future JADC2 decision makers will require an AI-enabled decision support system that allows them to work collaboratively with an ensemble of AI tools that assist them with understanding and reducing the uncertainty, risks, and complexity associated with JADC2.

Cross-Domain And Multi-Level Security

Our team uses various modern tools to enable flexible and rapid deployment of a secure and distributed ecosystem. We provide a platform for agile development of data-intensive applications and advanced analytics. We have reduced this ecosystem’s deployment time from what was typically weeks down to days.

This foundation supports vendor-agnostic cloud and on-premise deployment options and can scale to support IoT data volumes, variety, and velocity. The reference architecture has stored petabytes of data for disparate users across multiple domains and security environments.

This multi-level secure architecture allows for data aggregation from and dissemination of data to multiple security domains. Our solution has supported the dissemination of thousands of correlated tracks to the tactical environment with virtually no latency.

National Tactical

We provide a critical capability in national-to-tactical integration. We take state-of-the-art information and ingest, correlate and fuse data to produce target quality tracks to create multiple tactical edge weapons systems for prosecution.

This capability provides the Warfighter with the ability to operate beyond their organic sensor range. It also influences the battlespace outside of their traditional platform capabilities through augmentation and integration of state-of-the-art sensors.

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