Capital Programs And Industrial Manufacturing

Pharmaceuticals, advanced materials, microelectronics, chemicals and other industrial manufacturing facilities all have something in common — highly complex manufacturing processes. As industries look to “reshore” manufacturing facilities in North America, Parsons can help turn manufacturing facility concepts into reality, delivering complex industrial projects and programs on schedule and within budget.

From energy transition projects, to implementing ultra-pure water systems, or meeting unique capital program requirements, our experts have a proven track record of success in providing industrial manufacturing planning, management, design engineering, and construction management services.

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A Broad Spectrum Of Services

Backed by 80 years of global experience, we understand the challenges our clients face when deciding to build, reconfigure, or replace aging facilities. Our integrated program management solutions are designed to ensure that our industrial projects meet the unique needs and requirements of our clients while also being delivered on time and within budget.

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Planning and Engineering

  • Feasibility studies and site assessments
  • Conceptual design
  • Capital planning
  • Project delivery and contracting strategy
  • Front-end and detailed design
  • Cold-eyes project cost validation
  • Process design evaluation
  • Construction engineering
  • Facility condition assessment
  • Asset lifecycle management
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PM/CM Services

  • Program and project management
  • PMO
  • Construction management
  • Design management
  • Project controls & change/claims management
  • Owner’s side support
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Quality assurance
  • Project administration

Turning Manufacturing Facility Concepts Into Reality

We deliver complex capital program projects, focusing on industrial and reshoring manufacturing, brownfield renovations, expansions, retrofits and mission critical facilities.

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Flexible Execution Strategy

Our execution plans are centered on flexibility and responsiveness. We define each client’s requirements at the beginning of the project to plan and execute projects with minimal surprises during the engineering and design work. This proactive process mitigates rework at the later phases of the project, promotes excellent collaboration in the field, and supports a smooth handover and transition from design to construction. We continually adapt our approaches with our client’s teams to ensure a fit-for-purpose, cost-effective engineering package.



Seamless Engineering And Design

Our unified workforce operates with industry-standard engineering procedures and training to provide a fully integrated design, construction, and validation process. As a single-source supplier, we save valuable time while delivering facilities that meet regulatory requirements and incorporate emerging technologies. In addition to our overall design capabilities, we have particular expertise in brownfield renovations, expansions, retrofits, and repurposing of existing assets.

We support all aspects of operations, including:

  • R&D laboratories
  • Pilot plants
  • Process development
  • Small and large-scale manufacturing
  • Giga plants
  • Office, amenity, and warehousing operations

Digital Solutions For Advanced Manufacturing

Complex projects become less so when the right technology is applied. By integrating digital solutions into manufacturing projects, our clients can utilize real-time data for informed decision-making to streamline processes, optimize asset management, reduce costs, and significantly improve delivery and operations.

Program Management Information Systems

Our Program Management Information Systems (PMIS) experts guide our customers through their PMIS maturity journey to help break down data silos to synchronize the people, financials, and processes needed to improve delivery and better manage capital projects.

PMIS Dashboards

Dashboard Capabilities

Our PMIS experts create comprehensive dashboards through our custom-built data warehouse and business intelligence capabilities.

Using our extensive project experience, we provide additional customizations to ensure that our clients have access to the most valuable and actionable business information to achieve their strategic plan and business goals.

Strategic Dashboards And Analytics: Strategic dashboards and analytics are powerful tools that keep the business focused on a common strategic plan. Sitting at the top of the business decision-making spectrum, they are the most strategic level of analysis and help leadership conduct long-term planning and make decisions that impact the organization's trajectory. These tools are primarily used to monitor and control operational execution in alignment with business strategy, ensuring that all efforts are working towards achieving the organization's broader goals.

Management And Operational Dashboards: Management and operational dashboards are valuable tools that provide actionable information in an intuitive format, making it easy for business leaders to understand KPIs and identify areas for improvement quickly. Positioned one level down from the scorecard in the business decision-making process, they are less focused on strategic objectives and more tied to specific goals.

Digital Twins

Our digital twin solutions add value to every phase of the manufacturing lifecycle through three key functionalities: data ingestion and aggregation, advanced analytics, and real-time visualization and monitoring that enables operators to take action. By delivering end-to-end visibility through a single-pane-of-glass, clients can efficiently manage assets and visualize the infrastructure’s operational health to optimize performance, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

Manufacturing projects involve sensitive data, and manufacturers need to ensure that their systems and networks are secure from potential threats such as cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Our expertise in the design and delivery of infrastructure informs our rapid, interoperable, scalable cyber capabilities. This allows us to protect our clients and their operational technology (OT) systems from cyber-attacks. Our experts work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges and develop tailored solutions to address them. We help manufacturers protect their critical assets and data by leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry best practices, ensuring long-term success and growth.

Our cyber solutions include:

  • Assessments
  • Vulnerability mitigation planning
  • Intrusion detection monitoring
  • Incident response planning

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