Biometrics Technology Empowers Marine Corps Safety And Security

At the heart of our partnership with the United States Marine Corps is a shared commitment to agility, efficiency, and technological advancement. These values not only define the Marines but also the solutions we’re proud to deliver for their safety and security.

When the call came for a portable biometrics tool, our team was ready. Since 2018, we’ve collaborated closely with the Marines to research, design, test, and develop what is now a critical capability and a Program of Record: the JavelinXL Mobile Biometric Collection Kit with our suite of Ares Software. This tool stands as a testament to our dedication to keeping warfighters safe today and meeting the challenges of tomorrow.

Technology-Driven Solution

Our biometrics solution advanced with an award from the Marine Corps Systems Command Rapid Innovation Fund program. Through this, we developed hardware and software that seamlessly works together to enable rapid, secure collection and analysis of biometric data, including fingerprints, iris, and face. This data is then fed into an authoritative database, allowing for the warfighter to rapidly discern the identity of an individual and whether they are a nefarious actor or on a watchlist. The technology went through extensive tactical exercises involving scenarios Marines could experience on the battlefield.

Built With Agility In Mind

The JavelinXL embodies our commitment to support the Marines wherever their mission takes them. Lightweight, portable, and designed for the field, it demonstrates our understanding of the needs of the warfighter and our dedication to providing solutions that are not just effective but also practical in the most demanding situations.

Through the Ares Application and Gateway, we empower Marines to make swift, informed decisions, a capability that’s critical whether at home or abroad. Our technology ensures that Marines have access to the latest information, enabling them to respond to emerging threats with confidence and precision.

Commitment To Partnership And Innovation

Our work with the Marine Corps goes beyond technology – it’s about a deep commitment to the mission. As we look to the future and continue to ensure the warfighter’s safety, our focus remains on providing innovative solutions. Currently in the research and development phase is Ares-Next, which will consist of enhancements that ensure our technology meets the evolving needs of the Marines while maintaining existing solutions.

If you look across Parsons’ national security solutions, you’ll see they are designed to meet the challenges of the future across all domains through agility, efficiency, and next-gen technology. From biometrics and Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) to artificial intelligence and more, we stand ready to advance the safety and security of Marines and ensure that current and future warfighters have what they need to accomplish the mission.

About The Author

Sandy Thompson is the Director of Operations for Identity Solutions and Program Manager for the United States Marine Corps Information Dominance, Increment 2 mobile biometrics program. She serves as a key liaison between the program and the US Marine Corps Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), Program Management Office (PMO), and Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC), ensuring the performance of a $16M Program of Record (POR). Sandy leads a team responsible for designing, developing, deploying, and sustaining proprietary biometric hardware and software while overseeing technical progress, advancements, risks, and costs. Additionally, she ensures adherence to quality control, as well as cyber and RMF/ATO standards. Prior to this role, Sandy held various positions in the United States Air Force, serving as the lead C-5 Evaluator Pilot for Air Mobility Command and as an Air Force Task Force Commander at the Pentagon. During her time as a commander, she partnered with the Navy and Marine Corps to design and deploy a new Security Forces $8.7M technology suite in less than one year, exceeding Congressional mandates.

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