Identity Management And Biometrics

Identity Solutions For National Security

We are trusted global biometrics and identity solutions experts, serving federal and law enforcement customers. Our engineers, scientists, and analysts provide expertise in the areas of identity management and biometrics technologies and work to solve some of the most technically challenging missions facing our customers. We utilize cutting-edge technologies, including:

The Javelin Line of Mobile Biometric Collection Kits are lightweight, modular, Android based devices capable of collecting multi-modal biometrics (fingerprint, face, iris). The Javelin Jump Kit is a laptop biometric sensor solution with optional ID badge printer capability that supports high-volume collections for an office or check point use case. The Javelin line offers a range of two to four fingerprint sensors, single and double iris camera, and multiple cameras solutions for face capture. Our Ares Mobile Biometric Application is an Android and Windows based software across the Javelin Line of products that ensures a consistent user experience across the Javelin line of biometric solutions.
Ares Gateway Transaction Manager
The Ares Gateway Transaction Manager serves as a centralized repository for biometric collections, functioning as a transaction manager, receiving biometric submissions from deployed collection devices. The Gateway automatically submits collections to authoritative national back-end databases. Biometric matches are returned and flagged for Gateway operators and administrators and can be automatically sent back to collection devices in near real-time.
ABIS in a Box is a portable, rugged, deployable Biometrics Gateway Server. The box includes built-in network switch, RAID storage, keyboard/video/mouse (KVMO), and UPS power supply.
ABIS in a box provides local match, identity management and transaction submission and responses to local and national biometric repositories.

Leading Identity Management Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of identity management services. Our biometric solutions are at the forefront of modern authentication technology and include fingerprint matching, facial recognition, and iris scanning to provide a highly secure and accurate way of identifying individuals.

Our Capabilities Include

  • Requirements analysis
  • Systems and architectures
  • Real-world mission analysis
  • Software and algorithm integration and engineering
  • Subject matter expertise – SDKs, APIs, Algorithms, biometric modalities, field support
  • Hardware integration/development
  • Biometric test and evaluation
  • Multi-modal collection platforms
  • Best-in-breed matching algorithms

Our Customers

  • Department of Defense
  • Department of State
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Justice
  • U.S. Intelligence Community
  • Law Enforcement

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