Ground Operations Center As A Service

The Ground Operations Center as a Service (GOCaaS) offering is an innovative commercial spacecraft operations center, which can be run on-prem or cloud-hosted, supporting multiple different missions, classification levels, and unique customer needs with a fully trained spacecraft operations staff, telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) applications, COMSEC, and cybersecurity.

What Is GOCaaS?

GOCaaS manages single satellites or large constellations, provides telemetry data analysis, vehicle and constellation state of health, commanding, tracking, orbit determination and maneuver planning, and station keeping required to maintain vehicle(s) in orbit. GOCaaS TT&C Operations comes with built in commercial software support for AES-256 encryption/decryption capabilities for unclassified operations, or any classification with approved COMSEC and cross domain solutions.

Highlighting The Benefits Of GOCaaS

  • Reduces costs by eliminating need for owned ground infrastructure.
  • Streamlines operations with experienced staff and automation.
  • Enhances security through isolated cloud-based enclaves.
  • Provides flexibility and scalability for constellation growth.
  • Accelerates time-to-operations with rapid onboarding.
  • Improves visibility into constellation status.
  • 24/7/365 ops coverage available.
  • Compatible with IL5 and IL6.

GoCaas can be operated in a cloud-based environment or from a local network.

Parsons Satellite Operations Center (PSOC)

GoCaas Parsons Satellite Operations Center (PSOC)
Parsons Satellite Operations Center (PSOC) in Colorado Springs, CO

We provide experienced operators, automated contacts, and cloud data delivery to an on-premises data server, S3 bucket, or any hybrid approach desired. Our satellite operators utilize our Ace Premier software suite for an end-to-end solution. Perform and monitor contacts using CtrlPointTM for manual and fully autonomous processes. Electronic Command Plans (ECPs) generated by Parsons Command Plan Builder, are tested, and approved prior to operations. ECPs feed into CtrlPointTM and provide manual operational instructions or automated contacts with error handling capabilities. OptimyzTM scheduling tool and CtrlPointTM points between OrbitXchangeTM and the SOC for complete situational awareness. Individual Azure cloud-based enclaves provide single string contacts for customer security and easy expandability.

Mission Planning, Scheduling, Data Processing, And Storage

Our operators perform mission planning, mission uploads, and payload scheduling. Our team will also download, process, store, and deliver spacecraft mission data. Mission data can be decrypted and processed to customer specific encryption standards and delivered to a customer endpoint.

Cyber-Enhanced Telemetry, Tracking And Command (TT&C) Operations

We provide all features of our operations service at an Impact Level (IL) 4 operations standard, NIST 800-171 self-certified operations, and penetration cybersecurity testing. This enhanced offering provides additional program controls to ensure a cybersecure environment and operational center.

Our team utilizes several technologies to provide vulnerability scanning and protect the information transmitted and/or received through OrbitXchangeTM. These include vulnerability scanning, security information and event management (SIEM) solution, and end point protection.

Classified Operations

We can host and operate spacecraft at any classification level and provide the appropriate secure facilities, COMSEC, compute, network and storage to accommodate any mission.


We enable global satellite connectivity by offering customers a commercial antenna service that operates in a cybersecure cloud environment.

Ace CtrlPoint™ ↗

Ace CtrlPoint™ is an automated space vehicle and ground station command and control (C2) application.


AceFCT is a factory compatibility tester that combines hardware and software and communicates with an accredited space vehicle before launch.

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