Parsons Transforming The Battlespace At 37th Space Symposium

CENTREVILLE, VA (March 31, 2022) – Parsons Corporation (NYSE: PSN) will highlight innovative capabilities critical to the world’s evolving mission requirements at the 37th Space Symposium on April 4-7, 2022, in Colorado Springs, CO. The company has delivered transformative capabilities in the space domain for decades, focusing on end-to-end solutions in command and control; small satellite development and launch; satellite ground operations; space domain awareness; assured position, navigation, and timing (PNT); and satellite resiliency mission areas.

“We’re transforming the space domain for our partners across the government and commercial industries,” said Rich Aves, executive vice president and business development leader for Parsons’ defense and intelligence business. “We provide end-to-end customized mission solutions that meet our customer’s needs in the rapidly evolving space domain. With decades of experience supporting over 170 space missions, our capabilities enable operations for 50 percent of U.S. DoD satellites and 75 percent of NASA and NOAA satellites – we’re proud of our history, but even more excited for our future.”

Parsons’ expertise in satellite command and control, satellite ground systems, and satellite operations leverages the full operational potential of warfighting in the space domain and the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative solutions on its customers’ most difficult problems. The company’s solutions support mission success by including all components necessary for complete satellite ground implementations: from prototypes to global constellations. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Parsons also collects and analyzes geospatial intelligence, making it actionable and accessible to empower the end user – accelerating the decision chain and transforming the battlespace.

Products and capabilities on display at Space Symposium include:

  • C2Core® is an operationally proven, battle-tested command and control system for air, space, cyber, and all-domain applications. Parsons’ C2Core® suite of products enables operators across domains to assess, plan, and execute faster and more accurately than ever before: https://www.parsons.com/products/c2core/
  • DYSE empowers modeling and simulation through a dynamic spectrum environment emulator (DYSE) that mimics operationally realistic operating environments so users can validate concepts, refine capabilities, and assess performance before proceeding to physical device test and evaluation: https://www.parsons.com/products/dyse/
  • JADC2 capabilities are combined through Parsons integrated, all-domain approach to combat operations — delivering maximum value and capability to the Department of Defense: https://www.parsons.com/markets/jadc2/
  • OrbitXchange™ provides increased capacity for satellite operations through commercial antenna services in a cyber secure cloud environment, in partnership with globally distributed commercial antennas: https://www.parsons.com/products/orbitxchange/
  • SatFlyer offers complete, holistic flight dynamic mission lifecycle support with modeling, prediction, disposal and maneuver planning, radio frequency interference, an orbit calculator, mass properties calculations, and a Python application programming interface: https://www.parsons.com/products/satflyer/
  • Space Access unlocks space with multi-manifest launch integration solutions that enable operationally efficient access to space through a full range of hardware and system integration services: https://www.parsons.com/products/space-access/
  • TReX enables testing and evaluation of next-generation SIGINT and electronic warfare operations, allowing users to transmit and receive high fidelity representations of many commercial and non-commercial threat emitters, and test new EW techniques against their waveforms: https://www.parsons.com/products/trex/

To unlock the full potential of space, please visit www.Parsons.com/Space

Parsons (NYSE: PSN) is a leading disruptive technology provider in the national security and critical infrastructure markets, with capabilities across cybersecurity, missile defense, space, connected infrastructure, and smart cities. Please visit parsons.com, and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to learn how we’re making an impact.

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