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Who Are We?

We’re a company of thinkers and innovators. Our people don’t just generate big ideas—they bring them to life. We operate in a variety of services and markets around the globe, which means that, although we’re one company, there are many possibilities for growth and development throughout your career. Explore more about our markets below:

The Benefits Of Working With Us

Our competitive benefits exceed the needs of our employees with curated plans and programs that help with everything from health and retirement planning to career development and work-life balance. We also offer opportunities for internal mobility, and flexible work options (FWOs). Check out some of our perks below:

General Benefits

  • Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, and Vision (Coverage for Singles & Family)
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • No-meeting Fridays
  • Paid Time Off
  • Wellness Program
  • 401(k)
  • Health Saving Account (HSA)
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Supplement Benefits for added coverages (Life Insurance & Financial)


  • Annually, Parsons will contribute 100% on up to 8% of deferred compensation.
  • Employees are immediately 100% vested in any company contributions Parsons makes to your account.
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is also available to eligible employees.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

  • Full-time (40 hours/week) employees with less than five years of service receive between 120 and 160 hours of annual accrual PTO. After 5 years of service, PTO increases based on the associated program and fringe plans of each employee.
  • PTO is accrued with each paycheck.
  • We provide floating paid holiday time to US/non-union/non-SCA employees. Holiday hours may be taken at any time, giving you the ability to observe and celebrate the holidays of your choosing.

Career Growth And Learning

  • Internal mobility opportunities
  • Early Career Professional Program
  • Leadership & Management Programs
  • Industry Conferences
  • SME-led study groups
  • In-house Technical boot camps
  • Tuition and certification reimbursement
  • In-house training series for employees: Propel for aspiring technical leaders and Cyber Analyst technical training series

Employee Well-Being

  • Participate in wellness activities to win prizes throughout the year.
  • Earn discounts on health insurance premiums - specifically by participating in our Wellness for Life Program. By participating, employees are eligible for a $30 monthly wellness credit and up to $150 in wellness rewards at the end of the year by participating in various challenges. 
  • Monthly wellness events such as Wellness Wednesday Coffee Talks, Mindful Moments, Stretch and Flex, and more!

Military Benefits

  • Active, regular employees are eligible for up to 160 hours of paid leave for annual military training.
  • Employees called to active duty are eligible for up to 60 months of paid leave differential for active duty.
  • Paid transition time can be taken immediately upon return from active duty for up to 80 hours.

Get To Know Us

Our people are our greatest asset. We strive to be an employer of choice that engages employees in the community and creates rewarding career paths to cultivate a resilient workforce that is ready for the future.

Innovation At Work

 To solve the world’s toughest technical challenges, we’ve devoted ourselves to delivering the world’s smartest solutions. As innovators, we combine unique technologies solutions with deep domain expertise, not just to stay ahead of the competition but also to stay ahead of our customers’ needs.

Embracing The AI Revolution

Our team is taking a lead role in developing international Artificial Intelligence (AI) standards that will drive how efficiently, ethically, and accurately we apply AI to solve our customers’ most complex challenges.

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Parsons Opens Innovation Lab In APG, Maryland

Parsons Corporation recently announced the opening of an innovation laboratory focused on rapidly developing and delivering operational technology to the nation’s Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community, and Federal Civilian markets in an open, experimental environment: the PALADIN Lab.

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Assured Positioning: Avoiding GPS Threats To Sustain Military Effectiveness

Today the Global Positioning System (GPS) is so pervasive that many people take it for granted as a given basic, fact-of-life service. A widely proliferated offering that is now under significant threat of attack for both its space constellation as well as receiver elements.

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Digital Engineering: Enabling Success Across The DoD’s Acquisition Process

The Department of Defense’s (DoD) acquisition process is facing significant challenges in meeting the rapidly evolving demands of modern warfare. The traditional acquisition methods are often slow and cumbersome, resulting in delayed delivery of critical capabilities and increases costs. 

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Parsons Acquires Sealing Technologies, Inc.

Parsons Corporation announced today that it has acquired Maryland-based cyber and technology company Sealing Technologies, Inc., (SealingTech) in a transaction valued at up to $200 million.

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What My Kids Teach Me About National Security

As a father of twin 8-year-old boys and twin 5-year-old girls (yes you read that correctly, we are blessed with twin boys and girls), I was able to tap into my inner child this summer. With the kids at home in between summer camps, juggling travel, work schedules, and a few weeks of oppressive heat, we found ourselves playing with every toy in the house.

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Continuing The Mission

One thing that most veterans miss when they leave the military, especially after being deployed to a combat zone, is a sense of mission. The mission may be to watch out for your brother or sister next to you; it could be an assigned task to support the success of the larger mission; or it could be to help the civilians you encounter. I was fortunate enough to experience all three.

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