Missile Defense And C5ISR

Dominate The All-Domain Battlespace

We operate at the speed of combat by offering technology that delivers real-time, multimodal sensor fusion to detect, identify, track, and defeat incoming airborne threats while providing actionable intelligence to empower the operator. Regardless of the domain, we provide a tactical advantage where it’s needed most—at the edge. Our pride is in delivering the smartest missile defense solutions in the industry.

In every domain, threats to national security evolve fast—we’re faster.

  • Defend global interests by delivering actionable intelligence
  • Develop intelligence, sensor, and command and control (C2) solutions
  • Deliver cyber-physical security solutions
  • Protect global air bases from incoming threats
  • Eliminate weapons of mass destruction
  • Worldwide sustainment, operations, and training solutions deployed with our warfighters
  • Protect national airspace
  • Design and build physical infrastructure
  • Industry-leading innovator of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) work in support of joint and inter-agency operations.

The Smartest Solutions For The Toughest Challenges

From hypersonic threats to battlefield communications, the growing missile defense and C5ISR risks provide the toughest and most critical challenges, requiring the smartest solutions to global threats and offering actionable intelligence to warfighters operating at the tactical edge. The following are just some of the solutions we provide:

  • Sensors: Platform integrated, intelligent, hyperspectral systems that create actionable, network-enabled intelligence, promoting faster decision-making within the kill web timeline. Smart unmanned systems to provide a real-time operational picture for tactical units. Advanced video analytics to derive insightful, intelligence information
  • Non-kinetic warfare: Directed energy threat neutralization and electronic warfare test and evaluation of integrated systems.
  • Missile defense: Systems engineering, command and control, and warfighter solutions. Powered by a digital engineering approach to continually modernize our national security posture against increasingly sophisticated and strategic threats.
  • Command and control (C2): Advanced battle management system enhancements, long-range precision fires C2.
  • Scientific and technical intelligence: Modeling and simulation, foreign military equipment analysis, and threat assessments.
  • Rapid software deployment: Variety of agile DevSecOps software system solutions for multiple military mission area applications, delivery capability at a fractional developmental cost.
  • Electronic security and industrial control systems: Installation, maintenance, and service of smart solutions to meet emerging Department of Defense (DoD) facilities’ needs.
  • Air Base Air Defense: Tailored solution of government-owned frameworks and data models combined with next-generation commercial detect and defeat capabilities that provide constant and reliable force protection

Ready For Any Threat, Anywhere

With over 38  years of providing services to the DoD and federal agencies, our experience inspires confidence. The brightest minds in defense work for us, ensuring our innovative technology has a tactical advantage. We’re always at the ready to protect national security by confronting threats wherever they occur. 

Disclaimer: Parsons is a global company operating through various named legal entity subsidiaries. Successful acquisitions have led us to become a leading disruptive technology company in the critical infrastructure.

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