Infrastructure Protection

Counter And Mitigate Threats

We empower our customers to counter or mitigate a broad spectrum of threats to personnel, critical infrastructure, facilities, and information globally. Our customers trust us because we provide cost-effective modeling, simulation analysis, engineering and systems integration helping them to manage their complex infrastructure protection needs.

Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS)

We partner with our customers to provide safety and security of personnel, infrastructure, and facilities from UAS threats by providing tailorable, scalable, and flexible analytically underpinned vendor-agnostic C-UAS solutions. We support the full life cycle from threat to requirements analysis through operations and maintenance. We are experts in designing solutions for facility, infrastructure, and force protection through strong partnerships with C-UAS and component vendors that enable us to select the right technologies to address our customers’ specific infrastructure protection challenges.

Full Life Cycle Support
  • Threat analysis and requirements development
  • Market research
  • Independent testing and verification
  • System of systems integration
  • Site planning and system installs
  • Operations
  • Maintenance and upgrades
C-UAS As A Service
  • Full life cycle support from threat and requirements analysis through installation, operations, maintenance
  • Multiple models including Contractor Owned Government Operated and Contractor Owned Contractor Operated
  • Continuous threat evaluation and modernization
  • Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) enables solution to be elastic and to scale (additional sensors are easily added to increase protected area coverage)
Proven Technologies
Our C-UAS Center of Excellence in Summit Point, West Virginia enables us to test, evaluate, and integrate a wide array of sensors and limited effectors against the full range of Group 1 and 2 C-UAS threats and as needed against Group 3 surrogates. Under the Overseas Installation Support (OSIS) contract with the Department of State (DOS), we plan, design, implement and manage upwards of a 150 concurrent security projects for DOS facilities worldwide including advanced monitoring and C-UAS. We also design, install, and maintain physical security systems for Air Force facilities throughout the continental U.S. (CONUS), giving us extensive experience in managing the complexities of supporting a military installation.
Delivering Tailored Solutions
Our MOSA based solutions are tailored to specific site requirements accounting for terrain and other obstructions, area coverage and location of critical facilities, sensors and effectors compatible with the operational environment, and the nature of the C-UAS threat from Group 1 through Group 3. The open architecture and well-defined APIs allow us to easily interface to external systems such as FAADC2, ATAK, or Early Warning Systems. We support a wide range of effectors including RF Jamming, Control Take Over, Capture and a range of non-explosive Kinetic (Laser, EW). Our C2 fuses data from all sensor modalities using advanced AI/ML algorithms to provide a unified Single Pane of Glass operator interface. Custom rules and decision aids reduce false alarms and minimize operator cognitive load.

Overseas Security Installation Services

Through our Overseas Security Installation Services (OSIS) contract, which supports U.S. Department of State requirements, we install integrated security systems for 270 U.S. overseas diplomatic missions—including embassies, consulates, and liaison operations with international organizations. We design, install, and maintain intrusion detection systems, access control systems, closed circuit television, radio frequency receiving and transmitting systems, counter-unmanned aerial systems, biometrics, emergency alarms, mass notification systems, and alarm annunciation systems.

A Reputation For Excellence
The OSIS contract offers the customer flexible, cost-effective solutions to accomplish dynamic program objectives, and the agility to respond to contingency operations. Projects range from targeted upgrades focusing on power systems, infrastructure, and fiber backbone improvements, to large-scale projects addressing multiple Technical Security Systems (TSS) vulnerabilities.
Our experience includes:
  • Executing up to 120 simultaneous projects in various stages of survey, design, logistics, installation/integration, and close-out
  • Installed more than 128 command and control systems; 13 operations centers; 7,500 security cameras; 3,600 intrusion detection sensors; 432 alarm panels; and 560 entry card readers
  • Supported contingency operations requirements, including rapid response to urgent/compelling security events
  • Assisted with development of the DOS Diplomatic Security Operations Center Program
  • Assisted with development of the DOS DS Counter Unmanned Aerial System Program
Technical Security Upgrade Operations
We proactively address critical life safety issues and effectively incorporate advances in technology to increase the security posture of overseas installations. Our expert team provides technical security upgrades (TSU) to modernize TSS and protect lives, information, and facilities, including:
  • Provide Daily Oversight of TSU Projects
  • Conduct Site Surveys
  • Create Comprehensive Computer-aided Design and Drafting (CADD) Packages
  • Procure Material and Organize Project Logistics
  • Execute TSU Installations
  • Conduct Program Analysis
  • Offer Vehicle Barrier Technical Support to the Field
  • Develop Workforce Training
  • Administer the Customer’s Global-reaching SharePoint Site
Our TSUs include Marine Security Guard (MSG) Activations and Life Safety Systems, such as Emergency Notification Systems, Imminent Danger Notification Systems, High-Definition Security Video Systems, Supporting Infrastructure, Power Systems, and Fiber Backbone.
Systems Integration And Monitoring
Systems integration and monitoring (SIM) leverages technology solutions to provide a flexible, agile response to critical life safety and mission-critical operation requirements. Our tailored solutions and on-site support provide consistent performance in dynamic situations.

Our technical security installations and on-site support and C-UAS SIM services include:
  • Operations centers and enhanced regional security officer suite
  • Diplomatic security identity assurance system and supplemental authentication and monitoring system
  • Integration, maintenance, and repair for security systems including field service representative, and engineering service center support
  • Deliberate and rapid planning processes to include contingency planning, emergency action planning, mission analysis, and limited exercise design
  • Training for operations center staff
  • C-UAS system policy; interagency coordination; system design, testing, and evaluation; watch teams; and field service support

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