Health & Life Science

Expanding The Marvels Of Modern Medicine

Parsons takes pride in delivering a better world, and one of the most direct ways we do so is through our health and life sciences endeavors. Our world-renowned experts continually strive to advance the future of health care through innovative research and technology solutions.

We manage complex biomedical research and development programs involving vaccine development initiatives, infectious disease and risk, directed energy, combat casualty care, undersea medicine, and disease surveillance for our deployed warfighters. We also provide outreach with academic institutions to further advance infectious disease detection. Through our work, we’re helping assess the efficacy of new drugs and vaccines to fight infectious diseases, testing innovative trauma products to care for combat casualties, and defining bio-markers for the early detection of injury when exposed to directed energy.

A Precision Medicine Solution

The future of health care is precision medicine, an approach that optimizes efficiency and benefits patients through genetic or molecular profiling. This approach hinges on the ability to secure, integrate, and use data to enable a coordinated service offering that addresses each component of care for the right patient, at the right time, free from error. That’s why we developed ConnectedCare, a solution that securely unites commercial technologies with Department of Defense networks to optimize patient care.

One of our main objectives as a company is to make communities more livable, and we’re proud to say that our contributions to the health and life sciences field help fulfill this objective every day.

ConnectedCare enables integrated health care through securely connected devices and services, allowing practitioners to embrace the most advanced diagnostic technology, such as wearables, ingestibles, virtual reality, augmented reality, audio/video telehealth, signal integrators, artificial intelligence, imagery, analytics, and robots. With ConnectedCare, data is exchanged securely, seamlessly, and safely between electronic health records, pharmacies, providers, researchers, and payor organizations, so beneficiaries can experience the advantages of precision medicine with confidence that their data stays in the right hands.

Health Care From the Ground to the Cloud

From medical infrastructure projects to research initiatives to cloud-based technologies, our objective is to help our customers enhance the health and well-being of people around the world. We’ve proudly provided health and life sciences services to military and civilian health customers.

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