Better Projects for a Better Planet

Parsons is committed to environmental sustainability, conservation, and restoration. That’s why we’ve been providing environmental solutions since long before most people were concerned with sustainability and protecting our natural resources. Through years of experience, we’ve assembled industry-leading technical expertise and developed strong relationships with government agencies and commercial customers to provide integrated solutions that protect people’s health and the environment.

Globally, we’ve progressed thousands of projects from initial studies and planning through design and remediation, operations and maintenance, decommissioning and demolition, and disaster recovery efforts. Our long resume of successful projects includes the following:

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Oil and gas production and storage facilities
  • Utility manufactured gas plants
  • Chemical and manufacturing disposal sites
  • Nuclear waste treatment
  • Sediment management
  • Industrial and commercial wastewater and groundwater treatment

Sustainable Solutions for a Better World

We work with surface and subsurface sites contaminated with munitions and radiological, toxic, and hazardous waste, and we’re world-renowned for chemical warfare material and chemical weapons elimination and our best-in-class execution performance and risk management, including international projects in difficult and complex environments.

We’ve developed and tested all types of remediation methods, honing our ability to provide the most effective and efficient techniques to clean up contaminated soil, water, and air, including NAPL-Away®, a Parsons-patented process for the bioremediation of light nonaqueous-phase liquid (LNAPL).

A Cleaner Environment Through Innovation

With evolving regulations and priorities, environmental work requires innovation. As one of our core values, innovation is our specialty. We use technology advancements to produce a cleaner and safer environment, to enhance performance-based solutions, and to further the missions of our customers.

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