Creating A Healthier Future

At Parsons, we pride ourselves on moving quickly and getting ahead of major threats. When COVID-19 first emerged, our global footprint provided an early warning that our future would drastically change.

After transitioning 90 percent of our team to remote working, we began focusing on how to help the world battle the pandemic and emerge stronger than before.

For us, COVID-19 amplified the hot bed of innovation that we live in every day. The virtual shift forced us to think differently, resulting in innovative technology that reimagines the future and delivers a better world. From early detection, to joint all-domain command and control solutions that protect our nation’s warfighters and essential employees, to comprehensive global health solutions – our creativity was unlocked.

That said, the pandemic has exposed weaknesses that our world wasn’t equipped for, primarily the need for rapid, trusted, scalable health solutions that can quickly assess, inform, and manage the spread of infectious diseases, while instilling confidence in the health and safety of our communities.

Which is why we are proud to announce the formation of our new Health & Biosciences business, a purpose-designed group of experts, technology, and products focused on keeping the world safe from emerging bio-threats.

The Health & Biosciences group will leverage proven, best-in-class resources, capabilities, and expertise from across our enterprise to focus on areas in which we can make an immediate impact, like disease surveillance, monitoring and detection; public health and medical situational awareness, and decision support; and research, development, testing, and evaluation.

We have been delivering a better world through innovations that protect human health for decades.

We started with environmental problems, remediating munitions and chemicals, including emerging contaminants like PFAS, that we continue today for the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of the Army, and the Air Force. Our decades of innovative health solutions and services include infectious disease research and testing support for the U.S. Army Medical Research Command, Naval Health Research Center, and Naval Medical Research Center and program management support to all major DoD medical organizations, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and individual branch medical services. As new threats to human health and safety emerge, we will continue to adapt and innovate to address them.

Foundational to the Health & Biosciences group is DetectWise™, a suite of touchless kiosks that provide attestation, screening, testing, authentication, and health monitoring in high-traffic areas to minimize disease transmission risk and maximize the safety of customers, passengers, and employees. These kiosks work in conjunction with modular rapid testing centers, essentially building a web of protection that gives people peace of mind as they move through highly trafficked areas.

Best of all, our DetectWise™ product is scalable, turning a weak point today — keeping sick people from entering enclosed, dense environments— into a strength in the future. The kiosks currently have been built to screen health symptoms on a software-enabled system that can easily be adapted to detect other diseases in the future. When the next disease of global concern hits, protecting individuals might be as simple as updating the software.

DetectWise™ is currently being leveraged across North America in the education, aviation, healthcare, and retirement industries, within the Department of Defense, and in several corporate offices.

As the world continues its response to the pandemic, we’re excited to continue delivering innovative technology that supports global health and creates a better future.  

About The Author

Nancy Nurthen has nearly 20 years’ experience in Federal government services and program management – developing health IT programs, performing analysis, modeling and simulation, supporting public health preparedness and emergency response, and managing public health and medical-related surveillance programs. Ms. Nurthen currently serves as Vice President, Health & Biosciences Sector at Parsons. In this role, she leverages best-in-class resources, capabilities and expertise from Parsons work at the leading edge of diverse markets to develop and deliver solutions and services in the areas of disease surveillance, monitoring and detection; public health and medical situational awareness and decision support; and research, development, testing and evaluation.

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