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Meet Theresa, Parsons’ digital communications and social media expert, based in our Charlotte, North Carolina, office. At a company like ours, there’s a lot of great stories and employee highlights to share, but she has a special talent for providing an inside view of how our innovative projects align with our core infrastructure and national security markets. In addition, she offers our followers a backstage pass to the Parsons show to shine a light on our corporate culture.

When Theresa first began her career here at Parsons, our External Communications team didn’t have a designated social media person. Since joining the team, Theresa’s efforts have resulted in elevated performance numbers across the board, and her digital marketing campaigns continue to increase our followers, impressions, engagement, website traffic, and leads.

But Theresa’s passion for digital marketing doesn’t stop when she clocks out of work.

Neither fruit nor vegetable, Zucchini is Theresa’s handsome, high-energy Australian shepherd with a human-like smile and a naturally cheery disposition. Theresa takes daily pictures of him doing things like playing in the tub with his beloved rubber ducks, wearing a raincoat, posing in a Jeep, or gazing out over a majestic landscape from a mountaintop. These photos are so well-liked that they’ve been featured on the Today Show’s and Ellen DeGeneres’s Instagram accounts. Zucchini has even become a canine brand ambassador, with dog food and pet clothing companies sending him products to advertise.

Hiking in the Adirondack Mountains

“Every time we post a Zucchini reel, we see incredible traffic and reactions to his page. His popularity covers his side of the rent most months” says Theresa.

While Zucchini may be naturally photogenic, Theresa’s background in photography certainly doesn’t hurt. Before earning her bachelor’s in marketing, she started with an associate degree in photography and later, after several rounds of interviews, was accepted into the exclusive Disney College Program, where she captured marriage proposals, military reunions, and the pure joy of guests visiting Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida.

She says, “The Disney program lasted seven months, and it was challenging but the best experience of my life. I met people from all over the world, which turned into friendships I would have for a lifetime, and I gained new skills and strengthened my creativity, which I continue to use every day.”

After completing her internship at the theme park, however, Theresa was looking for a career with more potential for growth, which led her to marketing and, in 2020—the same year she and Zucchini found each other—a career here at Parsons.

Parsons offered her the opportunity to advance the brand, to build a social media presence, and to take the company to the next level, not to mention the work flexibility. Being able to work from home a majority of the time allowed her to be there for Zucchini, who, just a puppy, required a lot of attention. Predictably, he eats up all the love Theresa gives him, though, she states, he gives that love back to her tenfold.

Theresa says, “One of the great things about working from home—in addition to spending time with Zucchini—is that I’m able to fit in a traditional workday while not having to worry if something unexpected pops up, like if I need to take the car in to get fixed or I have a doctor’s appointment. The team culture I’ve experienced is incredible, and I’m extremely fortunate to be in an atmosphere where I don’t have to sweat the small stuff.”

Enterprise Marketing Group meet-up in Charlotte, NC.

Yet another plus with our company’s flexible work options is that Theresa—and Zucchini—can accompany her significant other, who travels a lot for work, on his business trips and not miss a beat. “Wyatt and I went to Portland and Seattle a couple of months ago, and we’re planning a trip to Utah in September. When I’m able to go along, I get to see the sights and work the entire trip. I even stopped into our offices at these places while I was there and got to meet colleagues I normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to connect with. One time the team even dressed me up in safety gear and took me to the Seattle airport to see the site and get some awesome social media content.”

Theresa says she’s beyond grateful for the opportunity to work from home, and it’s evident that both Wyatt and Zucchini are too. From photographer to momager and marketing wiz, she’s the driving force behind the pair’s stardom—Zucchini on Instagram and Theresa at Parsons. What she brings to both is charismatic and engaging content. Both human and dog alike reach thousands a day and put a smile on people’s faces, and although they both get paid for what they do, what they give back is priceless.

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