Technical Engineering, Advisory, And Management Support (TEAMS) To Missile Defense Agency – Various U.S. Locations

  • Missile Defense Agency
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$1+ billion


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Engineering, Security Operations

Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is a research, development, and acquisition agency within the United States Department of Defense (DoD). The MDA’s mission is to develop, test, and field an integrated, layered missile defense system to defend the United States and its deployed forces and allies against the full range of enemy ballistic missiles and emerging nonballistic missile threats in all phases of flight.

Advisory and assistance services (A&AS) help DoD agencies maximize the effectiveness and economy of operations. We provide all phases of systems engineering, including the following:

  • Engineering across complex weapon systems
  • Missile system design engineering
  • Development support
  • Integrating hardware and software

Engineering and Technical Advisory and Assistance Services

The MDA recently awarded Parsons five 5-year prime contracts to deliver engineering and technical A&AS to various organizations within the MDA. Those contracts include the following:

Weapons Missile Systems Engineering Contract and Systems Engineering Contract

Both contracts are under the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS). We provide engineering support, architecture definitions, and future system design concepts developed to counter emerging nonballistic threats; system engineering; and general engineering support. We provide full systems engineering life-cycle support to the spiral design, development, testing, verification, assessment, and delivery to the warfighter of missile defense capabilities across multiple-year architectures.

Command and Control, Battle Management, and Communications (C2BMC) Engineering

We provide cybersecurity engineering and operations; communications networks; and advanced technology product development, testing, and integration.

Facilities Management Contract and Warfighter Support Contract

We also focus on warfighter support, product logistics/fielding, operations support center manning, strategic policy development, and warfighter training support. In addition, our facilities life-cycle management efforts support facility and infrastructure planning and site activations.

We’re proud to have provided systems engineering, integration, and test support to the MDA for nearly 50 years. We’ve expanded that effort across all domains within the agency and are excited to be a key member in this extremely important mission in our nation’s defense.

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