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We provide a full range of environmental management services and solutions across the globe. Our forward-thinking experts put an emphasis on sustainable and cost-effective solutions that maximize our clients’ project delivery and operations, while minimizing the impact on the environment and natural resources.

Mining Environmental Management

Innovation From The Ground Down

Remediation projects are rarely solved with plug-and-play solutions. We bring customized approaches to every project, and our full-service treatability lab staffed by experts can perform bench- and pilot-scale evaluations of numerous treatment methods.

Faro Mine
Parsons has served as the project and construction manager and care and maintenance operator at the Faro Mine Complex since 2016.
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Water Management and Treatment Innovation
  • Regulatory and Permitting Support
  • Investigations – Geotechnical, Environmental, Risk Assessment
  • Closure and Remediation Planning
  • Engineering Plans and Specifications
  • Demolition and Abatement
  • Constructability and Value Engineering Reviews

For 80 years, we have contributed our knowledge and skills to industrial projects around the world. We are a full-service engineering and environmental management company that supports our clients and their projects across six continents.

Industry Leader in Safety

We continually evolve our safety, health, and environment performance and practices to maintain a safe and healthful workforce, sustain our environment, and meet our clients’ expectations.

Delivering in Harsh and Remote Environments

We deliver complex projects safely, on time, and within budget, no matter how remote, austere, or challenging the environment. Our experience includes hundreds of environmental investigations and monitoring of mine sites all over the world.

Restoring Habitats

Whether a few acres or a regional ecosystem, our experts have been a part of some of the most expansive, complex, and far-reaching ecosystem restoration programs in U.S. history. We help clients avoid costly and time-consuming pitfalls when restoring habitats.

We work with mine owners to support and augment existing teams to provide these comprehensive solutions. By integrating with owners and specialty experts, our teams can plan and execute seamless closure towards the end of mine life.

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Navigating The Path To Zero Emission Mining (ZEM)

Zero Emission Mining represents a new frontier in mine operations and sustainability. Parsons can pair our experience with your unique needs to create a customized approach and create a roadmap to reducing the emission footprint of your operation.

For the emerging arena, our knowledge and experience spans across:

  • Electrification planning and deployment
  • Utilizing renewable energy
  • Analyzing existing equipment and processes
  • Utility demand management
  • Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)
  • Procurement processes
  • Feasibility design
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure planning and deployment
  • Advanced power management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Fleet electrification data collection and analysis

Let’s Get Started

We believe in an approach that allows clients to capture the “low hanging fruit” in the near term while also incorporating long-term planning for more strategic initiatives. Parsons has the capabilities to help plan and execute these efforts and prioritize all of the other actions in a timeline that make sense for your operations.

Planning For The Future

Deploying ZEM equipment is a complex transition that requires upfront and continuous planning customized to your unique needs. Our rigorous methodology, personnel, and operational experience ensures your facility designs meet environmental, technical, and operational requirements to drive your success.

Streamlining The Transition

A ZEM equipment program is a major shift in technology for most operators and having an effective plan is vital. Vehicle range, route planning, equipment development, and stakeholder involvement and feedback must all be considered to make this type of program a success.

Leading The Charge

To ensure reliable equipment charging without impacting operations, a resilient power supply and electrical infrastructure is mandatory. This requires knowledge of the existing power grid, as well as partnering with the local energy providers. Working with our clients, we conduct route and energy modeling analysis to confirm we are implementing proper charging strategies for routine mine operations and any potential adverse conditions which may arise.

Servicing The Facilities

Facility upgrades or conversions are a critical part of any ZEM equipment transition. We partner with our clients to facilitate this process by providing a variety of solutions that will make the upgrade or a conversion process a success.

A ZEM equipment program also comes with many opportunities for innovation in new and existing facilities. Beyond introducing new fuel-source capabilities, we can support the technical and operational adoption of new charging infrastructure or hydrogen storage/fueling capabilities.

Oil And Gas Decommissioning

Efficient, Innovative Solutions Downstream Or Upstream

Our teams excel at the assessment, remediation, restoration, and management of both upstream and downstream oil and gas sites, with thousands of projects in our portfolio.

Downstream Solutions

Providing a full suite of environmental services for downstream projects, we focus on the strategic evaluation of complex sites to drive closure by delivering innovative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise includes:

Monitoring Wells
Monitoring well installation underway at an upstream site as part of remediation activities.
  • Design and implementation of in situ remediation systems
  • Contaminant fate and transport modeling
  • Risk assessment and environmental forensics
  • Bedrock investigation and characterization
  • Litigation support
  • Regulatory and third-party interface
  • Cost-effective management of large portfolios

Innovative Solutions: Our patented NAPL-Away® process uses enhanced natural anaerobic biodegradation for the bioremediation of light nonaqueous-phase liquid, a faster and less costly method compared to other forms of remediation. 

Upstream Solutions

We offer a full suite of environmental services to the upstream industry, emphasizing the restoration of sites contaminated by salt and petroleum hydrocarbons. With expertise in planning, engineering, construction management, and post-construction restoration services for decommissioning, decontamination, and demolition projects, we help our clients reclaim the landscape, soil, and vegetation on each project.

Our upstream services include:

  • Environmental site investigations
  • Liability assessments
  • Restoration planning
  • Remedial design and remediation
  • Risk assessments
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Construction oversight
  • Submission for remediation certificates

We strive to apply innovative technologies and approaches to each project, and our team has saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars through numerical modelling base on the Subsoil Salinity Tool (SST), couple with enhance transport modelling with Visual MODFLOW.

Munitions And Chemical Warfare Materiel Remediation

Creating A Safer World

Our team leverages 80 years of experience across environmental, industrial, and technology markets to deploy an array of advanced solutions to remediate military munitions and hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste (HTRW), as well as Chemical Warfare Materiel (CWM).

Our team has completed more than 20 CWM task orders, totaling 100 sites, and recovered more than 50 suspected CWM and liquid-filled munitions. Our CWM operations experience includes:

  • Site setup and management
  • Down range teams conducting investigative and remedial activities
  • Rescue teams
  • Operation of personnel decontamination stations (PDS)
  • Collection, management, shipping, and lab coordination for media samples
  • Waste segregation, containerization, management, and coordination of manifesting, shipping, and offsite disposal.

Our patented Engineering Controls System (ECS) is applied at CWM project sites to mitigate the potential effects of explosive detonation and chemical agent release. Combined with filtration systems, these controls have provided considerable cost savings to our clients, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, but reducing public evacuation requirements without sacrificing the highest level of public and worker safety.

Utilizing geophysical classification, digital geophysical mapping (DGM), innovative drone applications, robotic munitions recovery, and underwater munitions identification and recovery, our experts help restore lands and waters to be returned to efficient use – whether wildlife, military use, or community development.


The Best Team For The Job

We have decades of experience successfully performing munitions response projects and our personnel have years of experience collecting and interpreting data from all major DGM and advanced geophysical classification (AGC) sensors. Our diverse toolbox of geophysical and remote sensing capabilities combined with prior experience using LIDAR, aerial imagery, and UAS (drone) surveys make us uniquely capable of designing innovative approaches for our clients, selecting the right tools for navigating difficult terrain and vegetation, minimizing risk to site ecology and cultural artifacts, while providing maximum benefit and efficiency. We have experience performing all portions of Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) requirements, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Proposed plans
  • Decision documents
  • Remedial investigations
  • Remedial actions

With completed work on more than 52 Department of Defense (DoD) task orders, our team is an industry leader in DGM and AGC data collection and processing. We were instrumental in developing AGC, executing the first regulator-approved full-scale removal action in 2014, and achieving site closure.  We were also the first firm to achieve DoD contractor DAGCAP accreditation to perform AGC in 2017. Our expertise, experience, and equipment make us the low-risk provider of AGC services for the US government.

Innovation In Action

We developed the proprietary PDM8® system to collect data from sites with steep, challenging terrain, or sensitive cultural and environmental resources without damage to the site. With a narrow profile the PDM8® is lightweight and ergonomic, requiring only one operator regardless of terrain type – an ideal solution for safe surveying of steep terrain. With 125,000 manhours over nearly 2,000 acres of steep terrain and no recordable injuries, the PDM8® system provides a low-risk, best-value technical approach for our clients.

Our fleet of multirotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, commonly known as drones), thermal imaging cameras, and aerial imaging cameras are ideal for investigating site conditions in steep terrain and on cliff faces. UAV surveys allow us to cover vast territory quickly and safely.  One of our largest UAV projects, included an orthophotography drone survey of over 1,800 acres for USACE Huntsville at the Tooele Army Depot South Area in Utah, estimating construction volumes for the remedial design of landfill covers at more than 250 individual munitions disposal features.

We have also developed and deployed a UAV with a magnetometer to collect geophysical data. The UAV magnetometer system (UAV Mag) has successfully collected DGM data in areas that aren’t accessible by land-based geophysical instruments, such as in swamps, marshes, and shallow ponds. The UAV Mag system helps to fill in gaps, collecting a complete geophysical picture for our clients in order to assess the risk of a site.

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