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Full Spectrum Planning Services

Our team of master planners, landscape architects, GIS specialists, facilitators, and engineers provide full spectrum planning services globally. Whether helping communities proactively plan for potential natural disasters, supporting Department of Defense (DoD) priorities, or preparing comprehensive master plans and tools, our planning team applies thoughtful expertise to the most complex challenges to create a better world.

Our Services

Comprehensive Master Planning

We have developed numerous DoD master plans that align with the planning principles for sustainable development and plan-based programming in Unified Facilities Criteria 2-100-01, Installation Master Planning. Our plans incorporate mission requirements with a defined vision and measurable objectives to accommodate future change.

Landscape Architecture and Site Planning

Our landscape architects create safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing places. We integrate planning and design elements to improve the quality of life, work, and recreation for people at military installations and other communities. Our plans incorporate landscape architecture elements such as green infrastructure and low-impact development, community planning and design, and climate-resilient design.

Energy and Water (E&W) Planning

We provide our customers with recommendations to meet E&W goals and directives as established by the Federal Government. Our unique approach to E&W planning combines energy assessments with a sustainable master planning component, creating a comprehensive net zero master plan or installation energy and water plan. Sustainability is one of our core values

Resilience and Sustainability Planning

Resiliency and sustainability enable military readiness. We ensure plans incorporate these related goals efficiently and effectively.

Stationing Plans & Studies

We assist DoD in various studies to facilitate stationing actions and relocation plans for military organizations around the world. These plans frequently include a requirement or desire to use facilities designed for other uses. We identify alternative methods of meeting organizational move requirements and prepare cost estimates to assist in the decision-making process.

Programming Support

Our knowledgeable staff of planners, engineers, and cost estimators provides comprehensive project programming and DD Form 1391 development services. We have extensive experience conducting requirements analysis, programming charrettes, and supporting all aspects of DoD planning, programming, and budgeting execution process.

Information & Spatial Data Analysis

We provide our customers with the information management and spatial data analysis tools needed to maximize situational awareness training, enhance installation security, and support mission operations and facility management.

Business Case Analysis

We support business case studies ranging from analyses of market-specific economic factors and conditions to cost-benefit analyses for individual projects. We support real estate, capital facility investment, and other business decisions. Our experience includes independent efforts and partnership efforts with small businesses that provide specialized market experience.

Planning Projects

Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Facility Requirements

We helped AFSOC develop and redefine their specialized facility requirements, preparing AFSOC Instruction 32-1084, AFSOC Facility Requirements. We created the AFSOC Electronic Toolkit, a planning and programming tool to support scenario planning worldwide. The Toolkit is currently being used to help plan the conversion of the 492 Special Operations Wing to a Power Projection Wing and subsequent potential beddown at Davis-Monthan AFB.

U.S. Army Dense Urban Terrain Complex (DUTC) Master Plan

We provided master planning, engineering analysis, and facility programming services in support of Brigade Combat Team (BCT) training requirements for the U.S. Army’s combat training centers. This project developed facility planning documentation for a new training range for the Army. Subject matter experts from across the Army worked with our planning team to develop DUTC standards to meet the Chief of Staff of the Army’s vision to prepare BCTs for warfare in the multi-domain environment.

Hurricane Evacuation Studies

In partnership with the FEMA, NOAA, and USACE, we prepared and conducted Hurricane
Evacuation Studies (HES) for Alabama and Mississippi, and an HES for the State of New York is underway. These studies include demographic and GIS analyses with the output being the development of evacuation clearance times. We guided local and state emergency managers and their federal partners through a participatory and engaging process for the protection of communities at risk from tropical storms and hurricanes.

Patch Barracks Net Zero Energy and Water Installation Plan (NZEWIP)

We developed a NZEWIP that integrated components of the Garrison’s master plan for U.S. Army facilities at Patch Barracks, Germany. Our enterprise master planning with energy approach incorporated area development, sustainability, and network planning as a basis for evaluating installation-wide energy opportunities and incorporating recommendations into installation development goals and initiatives. The project was selected for a Citation Award in the 2018 Environmental Planning category of the American Planning Association’s Federal Planning Division.

IMCOM Electric Vehicle Charging Facility (EVCF) Master Plan

We prepared master plans, including programming
documentation and conceptual site plans, for 27 IMCOM installations to document the future development plan to install EVCF and related infrastructure, supporting Presidential Executive Order 14057, which requires the DoD to transition its non-tactical vehicles to 100% zero-emission vehicles. The
project enables charging of the planned electric vehicle fleet across Army installations.

Navy CNIC Housing Condition Assessment Program Support, Worldwide

We supported the Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) Housing program in their mission to assist service members in finding suitable, affordable, and safe housing worldwide via the Housing Condition Assessment Program (HCAP). Our team performed facility condition assessments of housing-related facilities. The effort included evaluation of housing support facilities such as welcome centers,
quarter decks, community centers, mechanical support buildings, and warehouses. The resulting data provided a detailed picture of the condition and functionality of each asset assessed. We also provided long-term inventory and budgetary programming and planning through both UH and FM Master Plans.


  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), multiple districts
  • Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC)
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • Installation Management Command (IMCOM)
  • Office of the Chief of Army Reserve (OCAR)
  • Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)
  • Camp Stanley Storage Activity
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • U.S. Department of Labor

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