Sustainability And Resilience

Innovation With An Impact

Delivering a safer, healthier, more connected world. We offer a full array of services to plan, design and support complex sustainable infrastructure projects for our clients across many market sectors, such as aviation, energy, rail and transit, and smart cities.

Sustainability: It’s Who We Are

For us, sustainability is more than just a buzz word, it’s a core value. Our sustainability staff experience combines Alternate Project Delivery for large-scale infrastructure projects, service life/resilience planning, and expertise in applying multiple infrastructure sustainability frameworks. With over 200 sustainability
accreditations held collectively across Parsons, we utilize the the best industry practices, leading-technology, and tools to deliver sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects and implement
renewable energy programs.

We deliver sustainability services for small and large scale projects, playing a lead role in helping our clients apply LEED, Envision, Estidama, and other rating systems utilized worldwide. Our goal is to meet our clients’ needs and assist them in optimizing sustainable life cycle project performance. The total value of our projects with sustainability scope is over 25 billion dollars.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Solutions: It’s What We Do

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to solving sustainability and resilience challenges. We study analyze, research, model, design, manage, and plan at a narrow or broad scale, as dictated by the project or organizational needs of our clients. As a result, we achieve excellent outcomes for clients in a range of industries, including infrastructure, defense, and security. The three dimensions of our sustainable infrastructure program development are represented in the diagram on the right.

Enhancing Sustainability Through Innovation

We are always looking for ways to push the boundaries of sustainable solutions to meet the growing need of our clients and regulatory requirements. For example, we have used, the following innovative concepts and technologies on recent projects:

  • First-of-its-kind hydrodynamic model to simulate tsunamis and storm events, combined with sea level rise for Coastal Areas
  • ParGRES, proprietary software to evaluate green remediation sustainability impacts
  • Intelligent Networks (iNET), our cloud based system that uses real-time traffic monitoring and predictive analytics to drive down pollutant emissions.

Success: It’s What We Achieve

Denver International Airport Hotel And Transit Center
Denver, CO / $580 million
As the integrated program manager, Parsons oversaw visioning, planning, architecture, and engineering.
The scope included programmatic basis of design establishment for sustainability, accessibility, and security; master architect services oversight; and stakeholder communication outreach.
This Iconic and inspiring hotel building obtained LEED BD+C: NC Platinum certification (2016) and was successfully implemented within an operating airport environment.


Ohio River Bridges, East End Crossing
Louisville, KY to Jeffersonville, IN / $776 million
As the Owner’s Engineer, Parsons facilitated a planning workshop to establish sustainability-specific priorities for inclusion in the bid documents. Moreover, in collaboration with the developer, our team members played a pivotal role in assuring success of the Envision application.
First bridge and tunnel project to achieve any level of Envision recognition and one of the largest P3 projects to have received a Platinum award to date (2016).

dubai metro

Dubai Metro Red Line Extension to Expo 2020
Dubai, UAE / $2.9 billion
As part of a joint venture (with Systra), we provided program management services from feasibility studies and preliminary design through construction supervision and project closeout for this 9-mile transit extension. The project includes seven miles of elevated guideways, seven stations, and two miles of tunnel from the existing Dubai Metro Red and Green Lines to the Expo2020 site.
Project achieved LEED v4 BD+C:NC Gold certification for all metro stations, and the “Sustainable Transport Best Consultant Award” from the Dubai Roads & Transport Authority.

Federal Way Link Extension

Federal Way Link Extension
Seattle to Federal Way, WA / $1.4 billion
As the lead designer for this 7.8-mile design-build light rail extension project (with Kiewit), Parsons led the sustainability efforts for the design-build team, including interdisciplinary collaboration, preparation and implementation of a Sustainability Management Plan, and preparation of the Envision and LEED applications.
Project-wide Envision Gold target; LEED BD+C: NC and LEED BD+C: TS Silver target for the End of Line Facility and Federal Way Transit Center Station, respectively.

Gordie Howe International Bridge

Gordie Howe International Bridge
Detroit, MI to Windsor, Ontario / $4.3 billion
As the Owner’s engineer, we authored sustainability performance requirements for the life cycle of the project. We also provided technical oversight for the developer’s Sustainability Management Policy, KPI establishment, and preparation of Envision documentation.
LEED BD+C: NC Silver target for U.S. and Canadian Ports of Entry; Envision Platinum award received for bridge and Michigan Interchange (2021).

Accreditations are an important way to stay current with industry best practices. Our employees hold numerous credentials, including:
▪ LEED Green Associate, LEED AP
▪ Envision Sustainability Professional
▪ Estidama Pearl Qualified Professionals
▪ Certified Energy Manager
▪ Certified Climate Change Professional

Disaster Management

We can’t predict disasters, but with help from our experts, we can minimize impacts throughout the disaster management cycle. Mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery are key to bringing communities through the challenges wrought by weather.

As a global leader in resilient infrastructure design, our team stands ready to provide disaster-related services in even the most challenging environments.

Prevention Through Preparedness And Mitigation

No one wants a disaster to happen – but being ready for one is critically important to saving lives and efficiently restoring facilities. We specialize in a variety of mitigation and preparedness services, including:

  • Storm Hardening
  • Asset Management
  • Proactive Inspections
  • FEMA Grant Management
  • Vulnerability Studies
  • Storm Modeling
  • Facility Condition Assessment
  • Disaster Planning
Designing bridges with resiliency in mind helps keep communities connected before, during, and after disasters. The Tacoma Narrows bridge (left) was designed with a 150-year lifespan in mind, with supports included for a future lower level to accommodate a second roadway or light rail transit system. The US 90 Bridge over Biloxi Bay (right) was designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, after Hurricane Katrina took the original bridge out of service.

Response And Recovery, Safely, And Quickly

When disaster hits, our team is prepared to put plan into action, assisting with stabilization, recovery, and reconstruction. Our unique capabilities as a design-builder, coupled with our ability to rapidly mobilize resources, has been key in our efforts to help return a sense of normalcy to devastated regions around the world – from the US Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina to tsunami-ravaged Indonesia.

Our response and recovery capabilities include:

  • Damage Assessment
  • Temporary Facilities Design
  • Program Management
  • Construction Management

Innovative Disaster Management Solutions

We’re incorporating new technologies to help produce better outcomes. Roadway weather information systems, structural health monitoring, weigh-in-motion systems and more can help increase the lifespan of our infrastructure through the challenges of disaster.

Utilizing digital twin technology helps our engineers analyze and design around complexities, modeling drainage, and impacts to utilities, making projects smoother from the start while providing a 3D double of the project that can be useful for future improvements or repairs.

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, our team designed and implemented risk assessment, resilience criteria, and hardening prioritization for 96 wastewater pump stations throughout New York City. With fact-based prioritization of storm hardening, we helped the city mitigate wastewater infrastructure vulnerabilities for the future.
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