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Rapid Cyber Development

We represent the evolution of cyberspace operations and actionable intelligence. Whether we’re supporting our men and women in the shadows, empowering the operator at the edge, or protecting the world’s critical infrastructure and national weapon systems, our rapid, open, interoperable, scalable suite of products and tailored solutions help our nation’s operators, regardless of the mission.

Our decades of experience, and comprehensive, converged offering of technologies and tools expose and enable system and network vulnerabilities to anticipate and neutralize threats across the multi-domain battlespace.

From large-scale cybersecurity programs to immediate deployment and rapid assistance, our proven security methods reflect our customer-first approach, innovative mindset, and effective execution.

Speed Is Our Specialty

In the past, we operated as a boutique vendor that solved tough issues quickly. Over the past decade, we’ve grown into a major provider of tailored capabilities—but without losing the customer service and adaptability of a smaller firm.

As we’ve evolved, we’ve developed a reputation for unmatched speed and scalability while supporting more than 50 deployed operational products worldwide. We welcome the challenge of large and complex assignments because we know we have the agility to provide fast, tailored solutions that are immediately mission ready.

Built-In Agility

Recognizing the dynamic nature of cyber operations, we’ve merged our offensive and defensive cyber engineers to create a holistic, full-spectrum operational approach to provide our customers significant growth opportunities, cost savings, and capability developments.

The end-user’s input is paramount to mission success, which is why we mandate a developer-in-the-loop approach, which focuses on rapidly and responsibly delivering secure and assured software and hardware solutions. But we go even further by looking beyond the stated requirements of our customers to help them better see gaps they can address to avoid issues down the road.

Multidomain Mastery

As near-peer geopolitical threats become more sophisticated technologically, the risk to vital American infrastructure, transportation, communication, and financial systems has never been greater.

We operate in every facet of the multidomain battlespace and address emerging threats by fusing technologies across the now-connected warfighting domains (land, air, maritime, space, cyber) and incorporating information operations, intelligence, data analytics, EW, multi-echelon C2, and kinetic operations.

This holistic, scalable common operating picture puts actionable information quickly into the hands of the operator. And we do so while providing integrated security—physical, cyber, communications, and intelligence protection—at unprecedented levels.

Smart Tech Deployed By The Smartest People

The greatest technical solutions go only so far without great personnel to implement and support them. That’s why we employ some of the brightest, most creative minds in the world—because we believe our people are the true value in our cyber and intelligence solutions.

We like hard problems. That mindset is a requirement for Parsons cyber engineers, which is why the first thing they do on their first day is solve a problem. Based on decades of operational experience, we use technical, specialized onboarding processes and lab exercises to help our engineers target their learning toward solving problems specific to cyber and intelligence.

The difference between us and large cyber contractors is our culture, one that values teamwork and innovation to collaborate with our customers and each other to deliver unmatched solutions and unequaled customer experience.

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Disclaimer: Parsons is a global company operating through various named legal entity subsidiaries. The company’s successful acquisitions have led us to become a leading disruptive technology company in the critical infrastructure, defense, and intelligence market.

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