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Here at Parsons, our people empower us to imagine next as a company because it’s something they do themselves every day. Whether delivering first-of-a-kind technology solutions or developing choose-your-own-adventure career paths, Parsons people are innovative, bold, and never afraid to try something new. A prime example of such a person is Rebecca Wilson, who came to Parsons through a 2023 summer internship.

Before finding Parsons, Rebecca was already an accomplished professional, with a BS and a PhD in biochemistry and over a decade researching, working on a variety of projects, and teaching students at both the middle school and university levels. Along the way, during graduate school, Rebecca discovered a love for programming—even earning an interdisciplinary minor in computational science. That interest never faded, so when the opportunity arose, she decided to go back to school and transition her career toward programming and software engineering. And that choice is what led her to an internship at Parsons this past summer.

Rebecca’s primary role during her summer 2023 internship was developing internal software aimed at enhancing her team’s operational efficiency. This project was extremely successful, saving significant time and uncovering a promising direction for further exploration. Throughout her latest degree program and her internship at Parsons, she’s improved her programming skills and been exposed to a variety of new tools and techniques, broadening her technical expertise and perspective. Rebecca’s summer experience was also enriched by the internship program series, Meet the BUs, allowing her to glean insights from Parsons’ top leaders, and through the company’s Internship Mentorship Program, she found a helpful mentor to further enhance her time here.

When asked about what she enjoyed the most about her internship, Rebecca said,I truly enjoyed working on my project at Parsons, knowing that our efforts make a difference in the world. What particularly stands out to me is the sense of community and teamwork. Everyone collaborates to address problems as they arise, showcasing genuine care and support for one another.”  

These days, Rebecca is no longer a Parsons intern—she’s an associate software engineer on our Defense and Intelligence team. It’s been an exciting journey so far for Rebecca, and we’re sure that she’ll bring her unique experience and perspective to each project she encounters on her new quest with us. And now, all she has to do is what she always has—imagine next.

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