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The Salesforce Innovation By Parsons X AI Team That’s Shaping The Industry

My background in manufacturing has instilled values that I’ll take with me forever, including using data to make better decisions and continuous improvement. This year, I successfully developed an AI innovation acceleration engine using Salesforce. This powerful tool has revolutionized how we leverage data and technology within our organization. In this blog, I’ll share our journey of transforming key opportunity information into actionable insights, initially through manual validation and subsequently through the application of AI. Join me as we explore how Salesforce became the backbone of our innovation engine.

The Need For Innovation Acceleration

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition. We recognized the potential to tap into the vast amount of opportunity data generated by our organization and transform it into a valuable asset for driving innovation. By understanding the importance of technology matching, we set out on a mission to build an innovation acceleration engine that could unlock new opportunities and drive growth.

Creating The Training Dataset

To kickstart our innovation engine, we began by manually validating the opportunity data. This meticulous process involved extracting relevant information and matching it to existing technologies within our organization. This manual validation served as the foundation for training our AI model, ensuring accurate technology matches and insightful recommendations.

Salesforce As The Catalyst

Salesforce emerged as the perfect platform for integrating our innovation acceleration engine. Its robust infrastructure and versatility allowed us to centralize opportunity information, leverage existing data management features, and seamlessly connect with our AI model. Salesforce became the beating heart of our innovation ecosystem.

Empowering The AI Model

The next phase of our journey involved applying an AI model to automate the technology matching process. By leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, we harnessed the power of Salesforce to train our AI model on the handcrafted validation dataset. This allowed us to scale our innovation engine, significantly reducing manual effort while improving accuracy and speed.

Driving Innovation With Actionable Insights

With our AI model integrated into Salesforce, the innovation acceleration engine came to life. It analyzed opportunity data, identified key information, and matched it with relevant technologies within our organization. The result? Actionable insights that empowered our teams to make informed decisions, unlock hidden synergies, and identify new opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The Impact of AI-Driven Innovation Acceleration

The implementation of our AI innovation acceleration engine has had a profound impact on our organization. By automating the technology matching process, we’ve not only saved valuable time and resources but have also witnessed a surge in innovation. The engine acts as a catalyst for cross-functional collaboration, propelling us towards a future where data-driven insights drive strategic decision-making and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Through the integration of Salesforce and the application of AI, we’ve transformed our organization’s opportunity data into a powerful innovation acceleration engine. From the early days of manual validation to the seamless automation of technology matching, our journey exemplifies the potential that lies in leveraging technology to fuel innovation. As a female tech executive, I hope that sharing our story inspires others to harness the power of Salesforce and AI to accelerate innovation within their own organizations. Together, we can revolutionize industries and shape a future driven by data, collaboration, and groundbreaking ideas.

About The Author

As the Chief Orchestrator of Enterprise Cloud Strategy for Parsons Infrastructure North America, Laryssa Parker has been instrumental in transforming cloud and innovation technology strategies into actionable plans that drive significant impact. With a diverse background in transportation, healthcare, and tech industries, she has built a successful career in driving digital transformations and enabling organizations to rapidly adopt new technologies. Born in Sudbury, Ontario, and educated with an MBA in Management Information Systems and a B.S. in Computer and Information Sciences, Laryssa currently resides in Austin, TX, where she dedicates her free time to volunteering for Austin Pets Alive! and curating her Little Free Library.

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