Where Will Our Internship Take You?

Where will your internship take you? That’s the theme for our summer 2020 internship. Not only are we convinced that our Early Talent Program has recruited the brightest interns, but there is no question that these students have shining careers in their future.

In the midst of prepping for our internship program, it became quickly apparent that the likelihood our summer 2020 cohort could come into our office was dwindling. It was imperative to our Early Talent Program team that we honor the commitment we made to our interns. We made the intentional decision to push forward with our summer internship program. This year will inevitably look different as many of our employees and interns are working remotely. However, we are confident whether our interns are advancing our defense, intelligence, or critical infrastructure markets, their innovation will help us on our quest to deliver a better world.

I want to challenge our 2020 interns. Take a moment as you embark on this journey with us to truly think- where do you want your internship to take you?”

It’s our goal, by the end of your time with us, that there is only one answer to that question. We hope that your desire is to have your internship launch your career at Parsons.

Parsons is committed to providing you meaningful work, professional development, and opportunities to advance your career in your respective fields, whether you are interning in our offices or working remotely.  Although you are only with us for a short time, we are excited to expose you to Parsons culture at its finest. We have no doubt that you will make a positive impact on Parsons and together help us solve the challenges of tomorrow.


Welcome Parsons Class Of 2020:

About the author

Chelsea T. has been at Parsons since 2017. She started her career as a University Relations specialist and now leads our Early Talent Program. She is passionate about attracting, retaining, and developing early talent through our intern program and engagement with top-tier universities.

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